Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 12/15/10

Hard to believe we are half way through December and only 2 1/2 weeks left in the year.

We had a short business meeting.

Circle "K"   Greg submitted a letter protesting the way dues are assessed for Circle "K" members. Thanks to him and Alan for their work on behalf of Circle "K".

Spouses Night Out   A big thank you to Lynn for organizing and to  Marvin and Sandy for hosting the Rough Risers after the Regents event.

Gery reported on the monies we have contributed to the Hawkeye Community College Foundation.  The funds are growing and we are able to achieve our objectives.

We presented our server, Mary, with a Rough Riser Cup for the great work she does for us.  There also was a monetary amount of approximately $ 275 give to her.

Members of the club wrapped presents for our Christmas Family.  Each  child received gifts in the amount of $ 75 approximately and the Mother received a $ 150 gift certificate.  As always Bob Nelson did a great job in putting all of this together.

In the battle for best job wrapping a difficult configured gift  Jerry won hands down with his work on wrapping a football.

I am making a request that when the meeting is being conducted and  most importantly when we have guest speakers we give the front of the room our attention and refrain from talking.  It is distracting not only to the speaker but also those in  attendance.

Next week will be our Christmas speaker and spreading good cheer as we  enter will be our greeter Jim Paprocki.

Have your best week ever !


Incredibly difficult question:    World wide what is the membership of Kiwanis - including the youth groups ?

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