Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 1/12/11

We had a great meeting, attendance and program. The breakfast wasn't bad except (where's the hash ?).

We agreed to send $200 to the Boys/Girls Club earlier than our normal dates for making contributions.

Jane passed around a sign-up sheet for an inter-club at the Elk's Club on the 25th. We need at least four to make it official. This is the Club sponsoring the Air Show. It would be a good opportunity to gain some additional information on this project.

Thanks to Jane for putting this together.

A brief discussion was held relative to putting together a proposal for our Kettle Corn participation at this event. The K"corn committee is meeting on the 13th to start the process.

It is possible this could be a joint venture with other Kiwanis Clubs.

We had an interesting program presented by representatives from Quakerdale.

Our next meeting will feature Dean Dwight Watson from the UNI College of Education. Our greeter is Neal Schilling.

I will be out of town - Steve Harding will be presiding.

Have your best week !


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