Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Notes from the Prez - 1/1/2011

Happy New Year to all Rough Risers !!

It is hard to believe we are already three months into our Kiwanis year.

Sponsorships for Kettle Corn are moving forward very well - over $ 11,000 in or committed.

Plans are being put together for interclub visits during the next few months.

Our Rough Riser's directory is scheduled for the end of the month.

One area we have not touched on is mentoring.  This is one of the focus areas for Kiwanis this year.  I would strongly encourage you to volunteer in this important project.  I have had that opportunity for a little over a year.  I hope my young man has benefited half as much as I have.

An area we need to continually focus on is getting new members.  Our objective for this year is 5 new members. Through the first 3 months we have not added anyone and in fact, I believe, we have only had one visitor.  We have a lot to sell - but, as Dean stated in relating to  Sponsorships if we don't ask we will not get the order.

Remember the MidYear Council Conference in Ankeny on January 29.

Have your best month ever !!


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