Friday, July 8, 2011

Sturgis Falls is a HUGE Success!!!!

We have been selling kettle corn at Sturgis Falls for decades. Rough Risers kettle corn has become a Cedar Valley tradition of this celebration. Local residents look forward to enjoying bags of kettle corn.

This year we reached a new all-time record this year!!!

In these 3-days, we sold over $7200 worth of kettle corn. This is an increase of $600 over our previous record.

This was an event that required a great deal of dedication from the group. We had over 300 member-hours of labor.  Beyond that, we even had the wonderful team of workers from Kohl's who provided over 36 hours of assistance. 

It was a productive day. We had two hours of down time Saturday afternoon while it rained.  At the rate we were going we had missed sales of more than $700.  David Loy reported that we popped 21 50-pound bags of popcorn.  At 25 bushels of popped popcorn per 50-pound bag, this means that we popped 525 bushels.  Not a bad day of selling.

"A lot of work went into making this happen.  As always this was a TEAM 
effort - a super job by everyone," says club president, Jim Larson. 

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