Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meeting Minutes for June 13, 2012

A good business meeting - an excellent breakfast complete with hash and we were out early.  Great job Reece !!

Ned won the drawing and expensive gold plated with diamond studs Kiwanis key chain.

Heller requested that July be reserved for Kiwanis construction.  The Wednesday
morning golf club was put on notice.

Speaking of - Jerry, Bob, Gene and Dean took a trip to Nevada for the District golf
tournament.  For reasons unknown they had the low score and yet finished second. They did return with valuable prizes that will no doubt be part of our weekly drawing.

We are popping at Simpson Furniture as this email is being typed.

We ordered a new tent.  It should be available for the 4th of July popping.

Sturgis sign-up has started.  the dates are the 22nd - 24th.  This is a big one !!

The club voted to donate $ 200 to the Taylor Morris fund.  If you would like to follow his recovery check out

Condolences to Cindy Hahn and family on the passing of her Mother.

Gery Deaver presented a plan that will be presented to the July Board for discussion/ adoption.

       When a member is having some financial difficulties it is proposed we have a list of members (angels) who would be willing to pick up a months dues or a social activity for that individual(s).
       The member could contact the coordinator (Gery) requesting help or if a member knows of a need let Gery know.  The "angel" would be contacted and the matter handled - all confidentially.

A more detailed write up will be presented when the Board has reviewed.

Our greeter next week is Jeff - our program is TBD.

Have your best week ever !!

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