Saturday, May 30, 2015

Club Dues Rising to $38 on June 1

June 1 - Yes, Kiwanis Rough Risers is more exciting than ever!!!!!  We have greater programs, better food and even the jokes seem a little better these days. . . maybe that is just senility settling in.

All of these benefits don't happen for free, mind you.  This is just a reminder for you that our Board voted to raise the dues from $37 to $38 dollars beginning on June 1.

Just write that check to our wonderful treasurer/secretary, Jim Larson.  Actually, don't write it to Jim.  Write it to Kiwanis Rough Risers and then had it to Jim.   Do you forget to write those checks?  Why don't you work out something with your bank so that they will pay your dues automatically on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  

Keep up the GREAT work, Kiwanians!!!!  We ARE the busiest service club in town!!!

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