Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Updates

This has been a productive summer and September looks to be just as busy. Here is what is on the docket:

9/9 - Designer Genes Down Syndrome Group
9/16 - Betty Zeman, CFU - July storm cleanup and CF Trees Grant Program
9/23 - Doug Christensen - CV Soccer Association
9/30 - Pete Olsen, CFU - Energy incentives and wind turbines.

Kettle Corn Popping Dates:
9/20 - Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, set-up at 12:30p on the grounds
Next Month:
10/9 - Hansen Elementary School PTA
10/10 - Cedar Falls Wal-Mart for Circle K

Cedar Valley Youth Soccer storage building is complete!
Cedar Valley Youth Soccer weather shelter is in progress—still needs some siding, soffit, fascia, ceiling. Check with Marv about work dates, as he has jury duty.

Circle K:
First meeting 9/9 at 5:30. Leigh will attend first meeting.

Coming Up:
Incoming Club President Sue Loy and a work group are examining our committee structure and will recommend some changes. You may be asked to serve on a new committee.

New Member:
Welcome to our new member, Jane Harding.

Thank You:
Thank our departing Board members, Phil Hufferd and Travis Duncan, who just attended their last Board meeting, at least until they get elected again sometime!

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