Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Mary Potter Sells Us on the Metro Community Concert Association

Where can we go to get affordable entertainment?  

Why go to the Metro Community Concert Association - of course!

Mary Potter, Membership Secretary for the Metro Community Concert Association, joined us today to share the Concerts Association's story and which shows are coming to town.

Thank you, Mary

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Author Sherry J. Kubalsky Shares Her Books and Her Purpose


Author Sherry Kubalsky stopped by to share her books and purpose with us today. She told us some stories about her life in Iowa, her love of windmills, and her desire to write children's books. 

She has written two so far: It's OK to Be Me and The Square Wreath. She shared some plans she has for a couple of more books that sound quite interesting.

Her purpose for these books was to raise money to build water wells in Ghana. All of the money that Sherry makes in selling her books will go to bring clean water to those who have not. 

Thank you for sharing your books and purpose with us, Sherry.