Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Building Financial Success through the JOB Foundation.

Wednesday, May 15 - Building enthusiasm for academics and financial responsibility is an important goal in today's world. 

Kelsey Unthum, Director of Development for the JOB Foundation, joined us to show how they are making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children by teaching them how to manage finances through education, mentoring, and economic advancement.  

The Job Foundation has different programs to help students by incentivizing them to earn good grades.  This is based on the tenet that the better the grade, the more they earn just like in real life.  They currently have 125 children working with the foundation and are working toward the goal of 200 in the next few years.
Written by Lynn Barnes and Leigh Zeitz

Monday, May 13, 2019

Wednesday, May 8 - The Cedar Falls Rough Risers learned to “Hop to It!” today. Our friend Keri Byrum, explained the beginnings and the workings of their Cedar Falls Hops Company located on their family’s farm west of town. She and her husband got hopped up to this endeavor in 2017 on a 7-acre portion farm set-aside to grow premium grade “cascade” hops for the Iowa craft brewing community. They knew they were on the rye-ght track. 

She said that the most difficult part of the hop business is the marketing of the ingredient, because they barley make it. Keri explained that hops are related to the apple family and it is extremely labor intensive to grow them; but that characteristic did not sober their spirits. She brought some hop pellet samples and passed them around.  They passed the smell test for the lupulin oils that gives beer that unique aroma and flavor beer lovers enjoy. Keri explained that all brewers use hops to make beer, but some use oranges once in a blue moon.

This provided a new perspective on beer and how it is brewed.  Thank you, Keri.

Written by Lynn Barnes

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Our May Program Hops, Develops, and Invests in the Future

Wednesday, May 1 - Business Meeting
Our club members get together to discuss what's happening now and make plans for the future.  We talk about projects, kettlecorn, finances, marketing and a plethora of potential possibilities  

Wednesday, May 8 - Growing Hops for Brewing Beer, Keri Byrum, Co-Owner of the Cedar Falls Hops Company, will tell us the tale of how they decided to start a hops farm in Cedar Falls, and what they envision for their future and the future of brewing in the Cedar Valley.

Wednesday, May 15 -  Making a Difference through Financial Education.  Kelsey Umthun, Director of Development for the Job Foundation, will share how the Job Foundation is touching the lives of students through financial education, mentoring, and providing resources to support economic advancement. 

Wednesday, May 22 - Building a Future by Building in Cedar Falls, Mark Kittrell, CEO of Eagle View Partners, shares his vision for Cedar Falls and how they are developing its potential. Mark has collaborated with an array of entrepreneurs to create a visual tour of Cedar Falls.

Wednesday, May 29 - What's it Take to Build a Hot Rod that Everyone wants to Drive?, Mike Roth, Owner of Autobody Pros explains what it takes to restore or modify old automobiles to like-new or hot rod condition.