Monday, January 16, 2012

Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2012

What a great meeting !!

We had a good turn out, good business session and a super program.

Stan announced he is working on some inter-club visits starting in February.

Marv won the drawing for the Kiwanis Prize-of-the-Day but since he preferred to go fishing off the coast of Florida he did not receive his prize.  (This made the finance committee happy as it helped reduce expenses.)

Dean indicated the Kettle Corn Committee was looking into a joint venture with the Waverly club to do a popping at the Bremer County Fair.

The committee is looking for additional contacts to be made for sponsorships.  If you have some ideas contact Dean or Jerry.

We will most likely start contacting sponsors sometime in February.  Due to the sponsorship breakfast we have already received several commitments and dollars.

Floyd Winter was our speaker and spoke about the CF Schools Foundation of which he is the President.

Mr. Winters opened his talk with some praise for the Rough Risers.  He was with the evening club when we were started.  A complimentary description he made of the Rough Risers is that we are a "DO" club.  Considering the source I thought that was very complimentary.

He described how the monies donated are put to work (including ours).  It was also enjoyable hearing his remarks regarding some of our educator members (stocky)..........

Thanks to Tony for putting this program together.

Next weeks program will feature Jim Fisher a special education instructor.  Our greeter is Roger Hazen (assuming he is not trout fishing).

Have your best week ever !!!