Another Channel 15 Interview on May 29, 2019

We have stories to tell so people can listen.  This year we were invited again to share our saga with the world through an interview with Roy Justis of Cedar Falls on the Serving the Valley show on Channel 15.  Dean Dreyer, Sue Loy, and Lynn Barnes did a wonderful job of telling our tales. 


Channel 15 Interview with Eric Braley on June 11, 2015

Yes, it has happened!!!!  The Amazing Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers have made the grade when it comes to media coverage.  On June 9, Jane Harding, Tony Reid, and Leigh Zeitz were interviewed by Eric Braley on thServing the Valley television show on Channel 15.  (The action doesn't really begin until 20 seconds into the clip)

Lynn Barnes interviewed by Kenton Allen on KCFI

Lynn Barnes had the great opportunity of being interviewed by Kenton Allen on KCFI this past week.  They had a wonderful time talking about the history of our Rough Risers and what we do for the community.   Lynn included a brief history about how we started popping kettle corn.  It was quite educational.

Historical Rough Risers Video in Celebration of our 30th Anniversary

It has been a long and fruitful life for the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers. This year we celebrated our 30th birthday with a big party at Hartman Reserve Park and creating a wonderful 15-minute video.

The video includes photos, stories and interviews with past and present members.

Kiwanis 5K Color Dash COLOR EXPLOSION on 9/8/13 in Gateway Park

At the end of our extremely successful color dash, the group got together and executed a huge color explosion. This video will show you 3 minutes of the explosion. You will notice that there are about 15 seconds where you can't see anyone.  It was a GAS!

Kiwanis International Public Service Announcement
"One Can Make a Difference"

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