Friday, June 6, 1980

Even Before the Charter . . . Kiwanis Club of CF Bulletin:June 6

Even before the Kiwanis Rough Risers had their first meeting or earned their first charter, the Cedar Falls Kiwanis (evening) Club wrote about us in their weekly bulletin.  This is their June 6, 1980, bulletin where they were nice enough to list the 21 members who were interested in attending the Rough Risers' initial meeting on July 2nd, 1980.

You may recognize more names but I see some of the members who are still part of the Rough Risers in 2018: Dean Dreyer, Marvin Heller, Rober Nelson, and Nick Tieg.  The list a few other ex-members - Jerry Skykhuis, Gilbert Hewitt, and Dave Christensen.

Which do you know? Add a story about some of these past members in the comments section below.

You will see that they continued to report on our beginning over the next few weeks.  They will be included in some following posts.

Written by Leigh Zeitz