Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Amy Davidson Gives the Lowdown on Hartman Reserve

Amy Davidson of the Hartman Nature Reserve gave an update on the strategies they have used to protect the participants against the pandemic. During the early summer, they limited their bulidings to registered summer camp and program participants.  

On July 1, they opened their building with limited hours and began to provide additional programs. They have Hannah Oksiania who is the visiting artist this year putting on a stellar kiddie program that include bird songs utilizing flutes that she mimics bird’s voices very well! 
 They are planning a fantastic Christmas lighting display this coming December at Hickory Hills Park. For the Kids they offer a Hunger Games Survival Camp and a Moonlight Paddle water fun. 

There is always the popular fishing, snowshoeing, and kayaking that are available at the Hartman Reserve for those looking for some awesome adventure fun in NE Iowa!

They are working to be careful and safe while supporting Cedar Valley's connection with nature.
Written by Lynn Barnes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Nick Newgard Tours his Second State Brewery in Cedar Falls

July 22, 2020 - Maybe it was the beer talking, but Nick Newgard, the owner and master brewer of the 2nd Street Brewing in Cedar Falls really loves his very own craft beer done here locally!  Nick discussed how his brewery worked and all the equipment he uses to produce his famous fermented beverage. 

Nick gave us a quick overview of the fine art of brewing and how it changes the end result; by adjusting the hops, water, yeast, grains, and even temperatures during the process.  It was interesting to see how a local business started up and thriving in tough times. Nick even talked about his future plans to keep his business successful.  Cheers to You!
Written by Lynn Barnes

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Christine Carpenter Takes Us on a Tour of their Garden

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition which helps build a healthy place for all populations to live grow and thrive. Christine Carpenter the co-founder and past president talked about their large garden that grows sweet corn to give to the local food bank. Also, they go on walks and pick up other kids along the way to school and to maximize health and well-being. Nikki Carrion who is the current president provides exercise sessions to area veterans and offers DVD yoga instruction to help with their balance and lung capacity at Pinecrest and classes at the Community Center.

Written by Lynn Barnes