Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 12/15/10

Hard to believe we are half way through December and only 2 1/2 weeks left in the year.

We had a short business meeting.

Circle "K"   Greg submitted a letter protesting the way dues are assessed for Circle "K" members. Thanks to him and Alan for their work on behalf of Circle "K".

Spouses Night Out   A big thank you to Lynn for organizing and to  Marvin and Sandy for hosting the Rough Risers after the Regents event.

Gery reported on the monies we have contributed to the Hawkeye Community College Foundation.  The funds are growing and we are able to achieve our objectives.

We presented our server, Mary, with a Rough Riser Cup for the great work she does for us.  There also was a monetary amount of approximately $ 275 give to her.

Members of the club wrapped presents for our Christmas Family.  Each  child received gifts in the amount of $ 75 approximately and the Mother received a $ 150 gift certificate.  As always Bob Nelson did a great job in putting all of this together.

In the battle for best job wrapping a difficult configured gift  Jerry won hands down with his work on wrapping a football.

I am making a request that when the meeting is being conducted and  most importantly when we have guest speakers we give the front of the room our attention and refrain from talking.  It is distracting not only to the speaker but also those in  attendance.

Next week will be our Christmas speaker and spreading good cheer as we  enter will be our greeter Jim Paprocki.

Have your best week ever !


Incredibly difficult question:    World wide what is the membership of Kiwanis - including the youth groups ?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kiwanis Social at the Oster Regent is a GO!!!!

Yes, even though we have blizzard conditions here in Cedar Falls, our courageous leader, Jim Larson has deemed that we will proceed with our Kiwanis Social at the Oster Regent today.  The play, Uh Oh Here Comes Christmas, will begin at 2:00 as planned.  We will follow it with enjoying pie and comraderie at Marv's afterwards.

See you there.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 12/8/10

A Happy Birthday to Lynn Barnes - (12th) and a Thank You for putting together the "Spouses Night Out". Reminder that Marion has a couple of tickets if you or someone you know would like to go to the play this Sunday.

Nine members of the Circle "K" participated in the W'loo Jaycees "Gift of Giving" last week. They are also sponsoring a family for Christmas. It appears to me that what they lack in number they more than make up in quality! Also, a thanks to Greg for representing our club as an advisor.

Greg passed around a draft of a letter to be sent protesting the way dues for Circle "K" are set.

The Rough Risers endorsed the letter unanimously.

Kettle Corn sponsorship continues forward in a positive way. Over $10,000 has been collected or committed.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity we will pass the envelope for Mary at our next meeting.

We had an excellent presentation by representatives of the "Student Council for Exceptional Children" led by Christina Curran. We will be considering a contribution to this worthwhile project.

In discussion with some of the representatives they greatly appreciated the suggestions that were made from Club members.

Next week we will be wrapping gifts for the family we will be sponsoring.

Our greeter is appropriately enough Bob Nelson who has coordinated the Christmas Family project.

Have your best "shopping" week ever!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Notes from the Prez - 11/1/2010

The Gift of Giving Never Stops for the Kiwanis Rough Risers!

I just got back from a morning of helping on the Waterloo Jaycees "Gift of Giving" project. Kiwanis was well represented with seven members and a spouse plus nine from the Circle "K". The Gift of Giving project is an opportunity for children to go to Blain's Farm and Fleet to purchase gifts for people in their families. Adults are there to help guide their purchases and ensure that they total less than an identified amount.

What an opportunity to be able to watch not only the child assigned to me but the 50/60 other children experiencing the joy of giving to others. I doubt if Blain's has ever been more alive than it was this morning.

Once again being a member of the Kiwanis Rough Risers has given me/us the chance to help others and to experience the gift of giving.

At this time of celebration please take time to enjoy the season and experience it's true meaning.

Have your best Christmas ever!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kiwanis Partners with Waterloo Jaycees to Help Children Buy Christmas Gifts

One of the ways we make a difference in the Cedar Valley is to partner with the Waterloo JayCees to provide Waterloo children the opportunity to go shopping for Christmas gifts for their family.  We get up early in the morning. Ride buses with the children to Blain's Farm and Fleet. Help them shop within a budget. Get back on the buses. Return to the United Workers Hall. We wrap presents. We eat breakfast.  Most importantly of all, we all have fun.

Click on the articles to enlarge them to read.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Enhancing Preschool Children’s Diets
What's the Problem?
Children of the poor hardly get enough to eat -- let alone the proper nutrition. That's why Self-Help's feeding program is so important. We include QPM (Quality Protein Maize) in our porridge preferred cereal grain, QPM has double the usable protein as regular corn/maize. The rural poor in Nicaragua and Ghana don’t have access to sufficient levels of protein like we would in the United States ... and protein is so important for proper development of children

12 million children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition each year. Malnutrition, a gateway condition for many more serious diseases, is 100% treatable. Roughly 60% of children aged 6-months to 6-years in and around our rural feeding centers suffer from malnutrition. Effects of malnutrition in children, stunted growth, orange-tinted hair, patchy hair growth or general lethargy, are evident in the communities
What can be done? 
Since 2005, Self-Help has been conducting a feeding program featuring a once-a-day porridge meal using QPM (Quality Protein Maize). Thousands of children have beaten hunger and malnutrition because of it. Listless, glassy-eyed children are becoming increasingly active and alert. Their mothers speak highly of the progress that they see with their children. We are making a difference. But, we have always felt we could do better.
In 2009, Self-Help was introduced to an inexpensive vitamin supplement we could add to our porridge to make our meal more complete. Each tablet yields: (Percent daily values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.)

Vitamin D-3 100%             Pantothenic Acid 50%             Phosphorus 20% 
Manganese 50%                     Vitamin A 60%                    Vitamin C 100% 
Calcium 15%                               Iron 60%                          Vitamin E 50% 
Thiamine 70%                        Riboflavin 60%                        Niacin 70%
Vitamin B6 60%                        Folate 50%                        Vitamin B12 90% 
Biotin 50%                                 Iodine 50%                        Magnesium 30% 
Zinc 100%                                Copper 65%
How can I help? 
The cost for one packet which has six servings is only 10 cents! There are children who receive porridge 1,050 5-days-per-week, 48 weeks per year. That's 42,000 servings to children every year. The annual cost to serve vitamin packets in their QPM porridge is $4,200. In other words, it costs $4 per year for one child to provide vitamins, minerals and barley malt (makes the porridge thinner and sweeter). Our goal is to have a two-year supply of packets which would cost $8,400.
      * $16 feeds 4 children vitamins and minerals all year
      * $24 provides vitamins for 6 children 5x a week for a year
      * $60 purchases QPM AND vitamins for one child for an entire year
      * $2,100 buys vitamins for every child for one year that Self-Help serves
         in Ghana or Nicaragua

About Self-Help 
Self-Help is an international development organization based in Waverly, Iowa dedicated to helping people help themselves. Since 1959, it has helped tens of thousands of the world's poorest people win the battle with hunger, malnutrition and poverty.
Self-Help is a 501 (c)(3) designation so donations may be tax deductible.
703 Second Ave NW, Waverly, IA 50677

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 12/1/10

We had a full agenda for our business meeting. This is supposed to be our "downtime"?????

First of all a Happy Birthday to Jerry - that's today !

Gil presented the monthly treasurer's report - we are solvent.

Greg reported that Circle "K" has a Christmas family they are providing gifts for and 10 of them will be at the JC "Gift of Giving" this Saturday.

Work completed includes International approval our by-laws (thanks Steve) and our annual audit was completed (thanks to Dave and Nick). Also, a big thanks to Gil for his quality work in keeping our records accurate and timely..

Jerry reported the packages sent to his son in Afghanistan had arrived and beendistributed. A big thanks to the Rough Risers from this heroic group.
Jerry also announced we have received $ 1,000 form new sponsors. Our total commitments so far exceed $ 10,000. Just a great job by everyone !

Remember Spouse's Night Out is the 12th. If you have not received your tickets please see Gil.

Cindy indicated that work is progressing on the 2010/2011 Directory. The PR Committee is hoping to distribute sometime in late January.

The Board, at their November 30 meeting, elected to donate $ 750 to the Mama Lumka project and $750 to Self Help. Those funds will be distributed in mid 2011.

Leigh gave us a look see at our own Web Site (blog). Just an outstanding job by Leigh !

Please take a few minutes on a regular basis to review.

Our program schedule for December includes:
December 8 Student Council for Exceptional Children (this may be a project we will want to support).
December 14 Wrap presents for our Christmas Family
December 22 A Christmas speaker
December 29 "Round Table"
Our greeter on the 8th is Susan Loy.

Have your best week ever !


NOTE: On the 8th and 14th we will be passing an envelope for Mary as a big thank you for the service she provides.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 11/24/10

Good turn out this morning. Especially when you consider our meeting was the day before the holiday.

The Kettle Corn sponsorship project is moving along in a strong manner. You have already signed up two new sponsors, excellent !

Phil asked that we make sure a current company logo is emailed to him for the labels.

We are continuing to collect for our Christmas family. Most likely next Wednesday will the last opportunity to contribute.

Tickets are now available for the December 12 presentation at the Regent. Gil has the tickets and as always will be most happy to take your payment.

Brian Shaw presented a program on being Thankful. A good reminder to us all.

Thanks to Jane for coordinating this program as well as the rest of the programs in November.

Next week will be our business meeting. Dave (Mr. Cub) Loy will be our greeter. By the way Dave and Sue are considering a move to Chicago. The Cubs have not been able to find a manager and have offered the job to Dave.

Have your best Thanksgiving and week ever !


****A reminder that our Bored Meeting will be at J's on November 30th at 6:30*****

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rough Risers Work to Support the Cedar Valley in 2009 - 2010

The Rough Risers have been a busy bunch.  

We have been doing more than making money popping kettlecorn.  We have been building shelters at the Soccer Complex, repairing sidewalks at the Red Schoolhouse on 1st Street, repairing structures at the Cedar Valley Arboretum and even serving breakfast at the Hartman Waffle event.  

You will see that we have some elementary schools listed as well.  These are service projects because we pop kettlecorn for the schools and then give it to the schools to sell and keep all of the profits.

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 11/17/10

We had an excellent turnout for our meeting Wednesday.

A happy birthday to Dale - 20th and to Gene who is celebrating two birthdays this year.

Kettle corn sponsorships are going well with over eight thousand dollars in or committed.

Jeff indicated we are still looking for a storage place for our Kettlecorn supplies and trailer.

Thanks to Leigh for the terrific job he has done on the Rough Riser Web Site.  This project has been submitted for District competition.  If you have not taken a look, do so.  It is great !!

Bob Nelson announced we have a Christmas family.  If you have not already done so please make your donation next week.  We will probably wrap gifts on the 15th.  Thanks Bob for spearheading this worth while project.

Phil and Rod presented a program on Self Help with a specific target of pre-school diet.  This program is under consideration by the Rough Risers for funding.

Our next meeting will be our Thanksgiving meeting and will be led by a lay speaker, Bob Shaw. The greeter will be that world renowned fly fisherman, Larry Loenser.

Have your best Thanksgiving ever !! 


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gil Hewett Honored at Kiwanis Birthday Party

Gil Hewett was honored for his long-time service to the Cedar Falls Rough Risers Kiwanis club at the club's 30th birthday party September 15 at Hartmann Reserve Nature Center.

Hewett, a charter member who has held the offices of secretary and treasurer of the club for many years, was presented with the Diamond-Level Hixon Fellowship Award, a recognition granted by the International Organization to members who support the Kiwanis International Foundation Endowment program. The club provided a $1000 contribution to the endowment program in Hewett's name.

Gil was joined on stage by a group of other members who have received the Hixon Fellowship Award.  These members include (left to right) Charles Wheeland, Jerry Holbach, David Loy, Lynn Schwandt, Carl Wocher, Jim LaRue and Gil Hewett.

The birthday party at Hartmann Reserve was attended by 83 current and past members, spouses and friends and featured a video of members' reminiscences of significant and humorous events in the history of the club.

The Rough Risers Kiwanis club of Cedar Falls was founded in 1980 and has provided financial grants and constructed several facilities in support of programs for children and youth in the metropolitan area. Funds to support the Rough Risers' financial donations are raised through the club's Kettlecorn sales at numerous community events.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 11/10/10

We had a great turnout, a great program, a guest and conducted quite a bit of business.

Dennis introduced his guest, Richard Ryan.  He is a potential member for our Club.

The "pig" got a little fatter as we had several special events:
  • Congratulations to the Nelson's on their anniversary - November 16.
  • Happy birthday to: Cindy (10th), Ned (12th), Marion (14th) and Rod the 15th.
Dean and Jerry announced that 5 boxes of supplies will be shipped to Afghanistan on Wednesday. Thanks to for their work and to the Rough Risers for stepping forward with their generous contributions.

There has been two Kettle Corn sponsorships submitted this past week - 
Liberty Bank and VGM.  We are off to a strong start keep it going !

Seven members will be helping with the Gift of Giving event on 
December 4.  In addition 10 Circle K members have signed up.

A big thank you to Neal, Dave and Jeff for cleaning the Kettle Corn popper and equipment. We will probably store everything at Cattle Congress.

Dave made available to the club the Kettle Corn financials as well as the year end financials. Thanks Dave - I know it took a lot of time to put that all together.

Jane Harding introduced Krenere Laxhaj, their foreign exchange student from Kosovo.  Krenere gave us an excellent presentation on the culture of her country including some great pictures. She has also helped at several poppings this Fall.

Next weeks meeting will feature Rod and Phil discussing a "Self Help Child Nutrition" program.

Our greeter is Tim Jones.

Have your best week ever !


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kiwanis Rough Risers Ship Supplies to Soldiers in Afganistan

Our troops in Afghanistan need supplies to make their stay a little nicer and the Rough Risers are here to help them.

The Kiwanis Rough Risers have collected over $250 to send a collection of supplies to 1st LT Matthew Slykhuis. Matthew is the son of club member, Jerry Slykhuis. He has been stationed in Afghanistan since the middle of July. Matthew is serving as a medivac helicopter pilot in the army. Matthew is a graduate of the ROTC program at ISU and a graduate of flight school at Fort Rucker Alabama.

The collection of goodies sent included toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, foot powder, gum, and several different kinds of food. We purchased these supplies at our local Fareway Food Store who gave us a healthy discount so that we could get more supplies for the money we collected.

Thanks to the members of our Rough Risers and Fareway Food Store we were able to send over $300 worth things to Matthew so he can share them with the other soldiers in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 11/3/10

We had an excellent turnout - close to 30 in attendance.

A welcome back to Cindy .  All of us are glad to hear Roger is  gaining in strength and feeling better each day.

A Happy Birthday to Gery - November 8.

We had a sign up for the Waterloo Jaycees "Gift of Giving".  This event will be held on December 4.  There will be an opportunity for sign up next week also.

A check for $ 1,500 was given to Greg to present to the "Circle K"  club.  The Kettle Corn popping was held last Saturday at Wal Mart.  It was the best effort we have ever had at Wal Mart.  There were a good number of Circle K  members working and they worked hard.

Lynn announced 20 couples had signed up for the spouses night out to  be held on the 12th of December.  Please give your check in the amount of $  56 to Gil.

Dean stated that $ 2,000 had already come in for Kettle Corn sponsorships. We are off to a strong start.

Tim indicated Hartman Reserve has a project they need our labor and expertise.  It involves building a platform over a small pond.  This will be scheduled for next Spring.

Dave presented the year end financials.  The club is financially solid.

It was suggested and agreed that our opening prayer would be non-denominational. Jane has a prayer book that could be used if so desired.

Committee meetings were held after the business meeting.

Our speaker next week (17th) will be Phil Hufferd.  Phil will be  discussing a possible "giving" project, "Self Help - Child Nutrition".

The greeter is appropriately enough, Phil Hufferd,

Have your best week ever - since the elections are over it has to be  a good


Monday, November 1, 2010

Notes from the Prez - 11/1/2010

Good Morning: One month has passed in our Kiwanis year.

The past month included setting our budget, a very profitable WalMart Kettle Corn popping and the start of committee plans for the year.

One of the many things that has impressed me about the Rough Risers is the way our members step up to the plate and assume responsibility. A case in point is the way several of you took over the Kettle Corn project, the way Lynn set up the Spouse's Night Out and Bob Nelson is handling the Christmas family project. There are many other instances all of which make this such an active and energetic club.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I hope each of you will take the time to give thanks for the opportunities we have to create a better world for all children.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 10/27/10

We had a great turnout for today's meeting.

Congratulations to the Loys on their anniversary - the 21st, birthday greetings to Neal (31st) and Gene (today).

Our final popping will be this Saturday at WalMart.  We will be doing this in support of Circle K.  Stop by if you can - hopefully the wind will have died down by then or it could get very interesting.

Jerry reported that $ 250 was collected for supplies for his son and fellow troops.   Jerry indicated that Fareway gave us a 25% discount.  There will be a delay in sending the boxes as his son will be moving to as yet an unknown base.

Dean and Jerry passed out the Kettle Corn sponsor booklets.  Our goal is to obtain $ 2,000 more this year than last.

We received an email from Veridian Credit Union regarding a free seminar on the 16th of November starting at 5:30. The location is the CF Holiday Inn.  They will be providing information on retirement planning.  A dinner will be served starting at 6:30.  Call 236-6792 to make reservations.

We had an interesting program featuring Sheryl McGovern Director of the CF/W'loo Libraries.

Next week will be our business meeting.  There should be a lot to discuss and plan for as we move forward in the new year.

The greeter is Marv Heller.

See you on the 3rd and have your best week ever.


REMINDER - Board meeting 6:30 on the 2nd at J's.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kiwanis Rough Risers Make BIG Donations in 2009-2010

Now that we have come to the end of our 2009-2010 year, we have a chance to review the changes we have brought to the community.  This will be done in a couple of postings.  This posting describes how we have contributed almost $15,000 to programs in the Cedar Valley.

0-6 Years Old
  • Family and Children's Council
  • Children's Miracle Network
  • Grin & Grow Day Care
7-12 Years Old
  • Hartman Reserve Nature Center
  • NE IA Foodbank
  • Harbaugh-Williams Promise Foundation
  • Kids Lure Prevention - Price Lab School
  • Quakerdale Camp
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Cedar Falls Elementary School PTA Kettlecorn Events
13-18 Years Old
  • Character Counts
  • Young Leaders in Action
  • Junior Achievement
  • Circle K
  • Dollars for Scholars
  • Cedar Falls High School Foundation (Scholarship)
  • Hawkeye Community College Foundation (Scholarship)

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 10/20/10

Thanks to Steve for chairing the meeting.

A sign up sheet was passed around for the Kettle Corn popping at WalMart on the 30th.  There are plenty of opportunities available.

The PR Committee is working on updating the directory.

An interesting program was presented by Ron Gaines  CF Director of Development. He discussed the University Avenue project.

Next weeks program will feature Sheryl MCGovern Director of the library.

Our greeter will be Roger Hazen.

See you Wednesday and have your best week.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mama Lumka Provides Support for AIDS-Affected Children in South Africa - Rough Risers Want to Help!

Twenty percent of women in South Africa are HIV+ in 2004, over 1.1 million orphans were in need of care due to AIDS and HIV+ affected  parents. An additional 250,000 children are orphaned annually. The children are homeless and who is there to take care of these children? Mama Lumka.

On October 13, Mayor Crews and his wife, Ronelle, introduced the Rough Risers to the Mama Lumka's work in South Africa. They have traveled to South Africa twice to learn about and support Mama Lumka's work in caring for children orphaned by AIDS-affected parent.  Mama Lumka's Nceduluntu project is dedicated to building homes for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

Mama Lumka's mission for supporting children is "to provide integrated, loving community-based residential and day care for HIV+ children and AIS orphans as well as for other abandoned, abused, neglected and/or disabled children from the Nomzamo and Lwandle communities. To re-create a healthy and wholesome sense of family and community standards, ensuring that the children can have a normal childhood and can maximise their potential of becoming secure, stable and economically active individuals. To empower people involved with the Centre, as well as unemployed community members, to become as self-sufficient as possible."

The Rough Risers have decided to adopt Nceduluntu as an international project.  We will donate funds throughout the year to support housing and caring for these children.

YouTube Videos. Below are 2 x 10 minute segments from SABC3 tv documentary - titled
"The Power Within - The Story of Mama Lumka and Ikayalethemba Village", aired on 11 May 2008.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 10/13/10

What a great meeting!

Plenty of business handled, we had guests from the CF evening club, Mayor Jon Crews and his lovely wife Ronelle were in attendance and we have the opportunity to take on a couple of new projects.

Steve reported the popping for Hansen open house generated $ 550+.

We are contributing dollars to purchase items for Matt Slykuis and his comrades serving in Afghanistan.  So far $ 240 has been collected.  Thanks to Dean for coming up with the idea and coordinating.

Dave presented hard copies of the 2010/2011 budget.

Greg reported that Circle K has approximately 12 active members.  They are ready and willing to be at Wal Mart on the 30th for our final Kettle Corn popping of the year.

We received notification from Cindy that her husband Roger had bypass surgery on the 7th. He is now home and in recovery.  Please keep him and Cindy in your prayers.

Mayor Crews and his wife, Ronelle, made a presentation for the "Mama Lumka" project.  This project is aimed at building homes for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

The Rough Risers and the evening club are considering providing funds for this project.

Next weeks program will feature Ron Gaines Director of CF Development.  He will be discussing the University Avenue project.

Our greeter is Jane Harding.

I will be out of town next week.  Thanks in advance to Steve for chairing the meeting.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Leaders Installed for 2010-2011 year

We now have a new crop of leaders for the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers.

After a highly productive year, Sue Loy passed the presidency to Jim Larson.  Along with Jim, Steve Harding took the stage to assume his #2 position as vice president. . . . And yes, Gil Hewitt will continue the position where he has thrived for many years as Secretary/Treasurer of the club. Sue will remain on the board as Past President.

Along with the new executive branch, we have a new board of directors - some new and some returning.  These directors include Lynn Barnes, Dean Dreyer, Jane Harding, Cindy Hahn, Tim Jones and David Loy. This band of members are given the honor to attend ANOTHER 6:30 AM meeting on the first Tuesday of every month to provide guidance and vision for our club.

We look forward to another successful and exciting year.

Photo: Dale Waack

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rough Risers to Celebrate 30 Years as a Club

Two thousand ten marks the 30th birthday of the Kiwanis Rough Risers club of Cedar Falls. The milestone will be celebrated with a birthday party at Hartman Reserve Nature Center on September 15.  The evening will begin with social time at 6:00pm, followed by dinner at 6:45 and program at 7:30pm.   

Present and past members, spouses and friends are invited to attend.  Cost is $15.00 per person and reservation deadline is September 8.  Reservations may be made by contacting President, Sue Loy at or by phone at 319-268-1120.

A special feature of the program will be the unveiling of the Rough Riser’s story for the first time on DVD.  It is a look back at the Clubs beginnings and how it has arrived where it is today. We will be celebrating the Club’s achievements and recognizing its accomplishments. We will also take a quick look into the future and where the group is headed.
Dinner will be a buffet, catered by Gary's Catering. The menu includes Medallions of Roast Beef in White Wine Sauce and Baked Chicken Breast in Vegetable Mornay Sauce, along with scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole. And, of course, we will have a birthday cake! If you want to attend but have special dietary needs, please let Sue know.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notes from the Prez - NE-IA District Conference in Omaha

On August 13th and 14th I had the pleasure of representing the Cedar Falls Rough Risers at the district conference in Omaha.  It is always good to attend these meetings and visit with representatives of other clubs in the NE-IA District, meet some of the “names” that are in the newsletters and trade ideas for ways to make our clubs better.

The educational sessions I attended dealt with growing membership by making the weekly meetings more welcoming and a discussion on changes that are being made in club meeting structures to attract a variety of potential members.  Did you know that a new member forms an opinion about the club in the first 12 minutes after walking in the door?  That thought makes one stop and think of what a visitor to our meetings sees and remembers about us!  Ideas were shared on how to “take the meeting to the members,” whether this is through internet clubs or clubs established at a business where the employees participate.  Lots of food for thought!

I would highly recommend that all members get the next district meeting on the calendar.  Kiwanis has Priority One.  Let’s make Kiwanis a number one priority!  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rough Risers Support Grin n Grow Through RAGBRAI

Grin n Grow Child Care in Waterloo, Iowa, is a day care center that has been serving children for decades. Each year, Team Flamingo ( rides RAGBRAI with two intentions in mind. The first intention is to complete the 450+ mile ride safe and sound. The second intention is to raise money for scholarships for children (2 - 6 yrs old) at Grin n Grow.

Typically, Leigh Zeitz asks for support from the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers members individually. They give generously and many children benefit. Today, it was announced that the Board of Directors for the club have decided to support Leigh (Z-Bird) $1 for every mile cycled "butt in the seat" on the route.  The route is 442 miles so this could be a hefty donation to Grin n Grow.

Thank you, Rough Risers!!

If you want to learn more about Team Flamingo or follow our blog to see what is happening, here are some sites you will want to view:

Team Flamingo website - Basic team information, list of the 22 team members taking part, and links to RAGBRAI information.
Team Flamingo Blog - This blog will be updated daily as the ride progresses. It should give you some photos and narrative of what is happening on the ride.

Here's hoping for good weather and wind at our backs . . .

UPDATE:  It should be noted that Leigh Zeitz rode his bike for 400 miles on RAGBRAI so the Rough Risers donated $400 to Grin n Grow.  Thank you.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

College Hill Arts Festival Another Success

Kids LOVE Kiwanis Kettlecorn . . . 
and we love them!!!

The greatest part about selling kettlecorn at the College Hill Arts Festival is the number of kids that visit our booth. They love the kettlecorn and we love the fact that every mouthful of kettlecorn they eat will place additional resources in their schools in the form of scholarships, programs and educational materials.

The July 16-17 selling opportunity in UNI's front yard was quite successful. We popped  350 pounds of kettlecorn kernals which yielded 176 bushels of popped corn. We earned over $2,486. It was a full house. Not only did we have 15  Rough Risers popping and bagging and selling over the two days, Kohl's sent in two teams of 5 members each to help us share our treats.  

Thank you, Kohl's!!

While the weather was good overall, our facilities were challenged by tornado-like winds that hit the park about 10:00 pm on Friday night. We returned to our selling site to find our tent (which was weighted down by 100 pounds of concrete anchors) had been blown into the food court.  One of the shelter tents in the entertainment park had been shredded. Rumor has it that one of the exhibitor's tents had been found in front of KwikStar down the hill. 

Who says that selling kettlecorn can't be exciting?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July in Waterloo is an Explosive Success!

Even with rain in the forecast, the Waterloo Jaycees Fireworks Festival was another success on July 3 for both The Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers AND the people of Waterloo.

Closing down Fourth Street from Commercial to Sycamore Streets, people staked out places where they would watch the firework displays. They ate and talked and frolicked while listening to local bands from 6:00 to midnight.

The Kiwanis Rough Risers were situated in front of the Courier at Commercial and 4th Streets.

The club began selling Kiwanis Kettlecorn at 5:00 and didn't stop until midnight. The demand was high and they rarely had an opportunity to rest their weary bones.

All in all,  the club popped ?? pounds of kettleorn and earned $????

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rough Risers Sell a Busload at Sturgis Falls

We are at it again . . .

Year after year the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers sell Kiwanis Kettlecorn at the Sturgis Falls Celebration. Our kettlecorn has become a staple food of the celebration. Enjoying our freshly-popped kettlecorn is an annual tradition that many locals relish each year.

We enjoy Sturgis Falls as our biggest event of the year. During these three days of celebration we pop more kettlecorn and make more people smile as they crunch our culinary delicacy than any other event in the year.

This success in making people happy with our kettlecorn has another wonderful result. We earned $5,805 that we will be able to donate to support programs throughout the Cedar Valley.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Waterloo Days was a SUCCESS . . . with added assistance

Yes, My Waterloo Days was another SUCCESS!!! 

We had great weather on Friday and Sunday.  Saturday saw Torrential Rains and Wind that sogged the kettlecorn, soaked the personnel and almost knocked over the tent.  Never-the-less, we cleaned up, dried up and ended the evening selling boatloads of kettlecorn.

Another part of the success was all of the assistance that we received. Last year we began working with Kohl's in Cedar Falls. They want to serve the community so they don't just donate money to our projects, they send talented teams to our events to help sell kettlecorn, build shelters, or whatever we happen to be doing.  They have been most helpful throughout that past year and we are honored to have them working with us again this year.

Another exciting event that is in the process of unfolding is the establishment of a Key Club at the Cedar Falls High School. Last month Allyson Vuong, a student at CF high, contacted me to discuss starting a club. We invited her to join us for a Wed morning club breakfast. She showed up and she is filled with the energy it takes to establish such a club.  We invited Allyson to help us sell kettlecorn at My Waterloo Days this weekend and she showed up with a group of future Key Club members.  They were a terrific help in our success.

Even Sunny Lane of KWWL came by to help us pop some kettlecorn. We appreciated her mentioning our kettlecorn on her show. I bet that a bag of kettlecorn will have a whole new meaning for her now that she has been a kettlecorn chef.

We don't have any photos of it, but Tara Thomas came by and invited a couple of us to join her on the opening of her 6:00 news.

 Yes, we had a wonderful success at My Waterloo Days this year!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rough Risers Attend Kiwanis Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska

Recently, president-elect Sandy Scholl, Lynn Barnes, and Leigh Zeitz attended the Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis mid-year conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This annual conference is an opportunity for Kiwanians to share their ideas and learn new strategies to better their clubs' activities. Sandy was interested in the sessions that dealt with original ideas in holding meetings and addressing the varied needs of club members. Lynn was interested in finding suggestions to build membership in our Kiwanis club.

Zeitz gave two presentations on using technology to advance Kiwanis clubs; Using Tech Tools to Enhance Your Club's Connections and Using Social Media to Enhance Your Club's Opportunities.

The trio agree that the conference was beneficial and well worth the trip.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Prez Speaks: What Does Service Mean?

SERVICE--the work performed by one that serves; contribution to the welfare of others.

Kiwanis is a SERVICE organization. The above definition of this word sums up what we are all about—serving by doing work and contributing to the welfare of others.

At a recent meeting we were having a spirited discussion about a possible funding source that would increase the amount of service we can provide to the Cedar Valley. One member commented that we are getting too involved in fundraising and should concentrate on being a service organization. We are all entitled to our own opinion, but I feel that the fundraising is what is making our service possible.

By raising funds or finding other funding sources we can access, we are able to provide help to people and organizations that are making a difference in the lives of the residents of the Cedar Valley. We add to that service by providing physical labor, whether it is in bagging Kettlecorn or pounding nails into a shelter. The number of individuals we touch by our service is huge—much bigger than we could ever hope to do by ourselves with our 35 members. This past year we have raised $26,000 and committed over 1,500 hours of work.

We truly are a SERVICE organization in many different ways and need to feel good that we work hard to raise the funds that provide SERVICE to the Cedar Valley area.

President Susan Loy

Sunday, January 17, 2010

C.F. Rough Risers Raise $26,000 and Work 1,500 Hours to Support Cedar Valley Community

The Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers service club contributed more than $26,000 in support of more than 25 youth organizations, scholarship programs, other educational programs and programs for handicapped youth in 2009.

In addition, the 38 members of the club provide more than 1,500 hours of labor on projects related to community youth programs. The Rough Risers built two shelters and a storage building for Cedar Valley Soccer complex, an observation deck at the Hartman Reserve Nature Center, and renovated a raised flower bed at the Cedar Valley Arboretum.

Funding Sources: A major portion of the funds for these projects were generated through the Rough Risers' kettle corn sales at major Cedar Falls and Waterloo Celebrations. Additional funds were received from sponsors of the club's activities, including Community Motors, Dan Deery Motors, Iowa direct Equipment, Kohl's, Liberty Bank, Loy and Loy Accounting, Martin Brothers, PFG Best, UNI Gallagher-Bluedorn, Upper Iowa University, VGM, Wal-Mart, and the Windsor Nursing and Rehab Center. Funds were also raised through grants and direct donations from club members.
(Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 1/12/2010)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gov. Ron Petsch Skypes to the Rough Risers

On October 14, 2009, the Nebraska-Iowa district Governor Ron Petsch used Skype to video conference with our club. He began his connection by installing our 2009-2010 officers and board of directors.

Once the installation was completed, Gov. Petsch spoke to us and gave his presentation entitled Discover the Passion: Making Dreams Come True. It was an informative and motivating speech where he shared his future dreams for Kiwanis.

Watch the 20-minute video above and enjoy his ideas.