Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 4/6/11

Activity is really ramping up:

Workers are needed for the Kiwanis Evening Club Waffle Day on the 16th. We are working on the Habitat House - April 6 and 9/May 13 and 14. Follow up is being done to wrap up the Kettle Corn Sponsor Project - need dollars and logos

We will be popping for Price Lab and Southdale on the 29th (only the Rough Risers can be in two places at one time)

We are coordinating with the Circle "K" Club to provide final week gift packages for 18 "aged out" foster students at Wartburg, Hawkeye and UNI. Note: we may be taking a collection for this at our next meeting.

Shirts have been ordered - thanks to Steve for his work.

A proposal is being put together and will be presented at the Council Meeting at Friendship Village on the 12th regarding our Kettle Corn participation in the August Air Show.

The membership committee is working on a brochure for recruitment.

The Kettle Corn Committee is investigating the purchase of a trailer for storing our supplies.

The Scholarship Committee has a Cedar Falls High recipient for our scholarship. That will be presented on May 17.

There will be an Inter-Club visit to Waverly on the 11th.

As you can see we have a lot of items on our plate - we need everyone to step forward and participate to make all of this work.

Congratulations to Gery Deaver and Tony Reid - elected to serve on the 2011/2012 Board and thereafter until "death do they part".

We have an individual who has expressed interest in the President- Elect position. Reece has indicated he would be willing to serve if needed.

As you will note the April 6 meeting was a business meeting. I feel a lot of progress was made in getting projects either off the ground or completed.

Mary Schlicher from the evening club was in attendance and asked for our help with their project.

A warm welcome back to Michael Davidson !

Reece is our greeter for the April 13 meeting.