Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rough Risers Enter the Blue Zone

This morning we had Sue Beach, Program Manager for the Cedar Falls Blue Zones Project, speak to us about the Blue Zone and what it can mean to us.

The Blue Zones Project is a collaboration between Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Healthways to help make Iowa #1 in the nation for well-being. This is the main component of the Healthiest State Initiative that encourages all Iowa communities to become Blue Zone Communities over the next 5 years. 

Four communities: Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Mason City and Spencer have already been selected as demonstration sites for the Blue Zones Project.  There are another dozen larger Iowa communities and 9 smaller communities that have applied to get involved in the Blue Zones project. 

It is an interesting project.  Based upon research into what it takes to live a long and healthy life, they identified 9 elements that they refer to as the Power 9.

These are 9 elements that we can follow to make our lives longer and richer. Vist the Power 9 Principles   They are much more than exercising and eating right. They address lessening the frenetic pace of your life style and knowing your purpose in life. 

The members of our Rough Risers club have expressed an interest in becoming a Blue Zones organization.  Sue Beach said that there are guidelines for becoming such an organization and she will forward them to us.

One of the things that our website will do is publish a healthy recipe at the beginning of each month. We are already working with the Dietician at our Cedar Falls HyVee, Dean Schillinger.  Dean will provide us with some recipes and healthy recommendations.

This presentation is a nice follow-up for the Blue Zones presentation that Jeb Smith gave us on January 30. You will remember that he introduced us to the Outdoor Fitness Rack that they have developed as part of the Blue Zone movement.  Our club might be interested in supporting these projects.

Will you become a Blue Zones member?  How important is it for us to support the Blue Zones movement for us and our community?