Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Waterloo Days was a SUCCESS . . . with added assistance

Yes, My Waterloo Days was another SUCCESS!!! 

We had great weather on Friday and Sunday.  Saturday saw Torrential Rains and Wind that sogged the kettlecorn, soaked the personnel and almost knocked over the tent.  Never-the-less, we cleaned up, dried up and ended the evening selling boatloads of kettlecorn.

Another part of the success was all of the assistance that we received. Last year we began working with Kohl's in Cedar Falls. They want to serve the community so they don't just donate money to our projects, they send talented teams to our events to help sell kettlecorn, build shelters, or whatever we happen to be doing.  They have been most helpful throughout that past year and we are honored to have them working with us again this year.

Another exciting event that is in the process of unfolding is the establishment of a Key Club at the Cedar Falls High School. Last month Allyson Vuong, a student at CF high, contacted me to discuss starting a club. We invited her to join us for a Wed morning club breakfast. She showed up and she is filled with the energy it takes to establish such a club.  We invited Allyson to help us sell kettlecorn at My Waterloo Days this weekend and she showed up with a group of future Key Club members.  They were a terrific help in our success.

Even Sunny Lane of KWWL came by to help us pop some kettlecorn. We appreciated her mentioning our kettlecorn on her show. I bet that a bag of kettlecorn will have a whole new meaning for her now that she has been a kettlecorn chef.

We don't have any photos of it, but Tara Thomas came by and invited a couple of us to join her on the opening of her 6:00 news.

 Yes, we had a wonderful success at My Waterloo Days this year!