Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rough Risers Fight Tetanus through Donations

Explains how Rough Risers contributed to Project Eliminate
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The Kiwanis Rough Risers contributed $1,100 to join fellow Kiwanians in their fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus through the Project Eliminate program.

Rough Risers Donate $1,100 to Fight Tetanus

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Members of the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers reached into their pockets and came up with a contribution of $1100 to join fellow Kiwanians in their fight against the deadly disease of maternal and neonatal tetanus.  The disease is known to cause the death of over 60,000 babies and a significant number of mothers every year, and Kiwanis International has joined forces with UNICEF with the goal of eliminating the disease world-wide. 
The joint effort, named Project Eliminate, has the goal of immunizing 100 million mothers in 26 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.  The total cost of the venture has been set at $110 million.  According to Kiwanis project leaders, funds raised to date total nearly $41 million.
This is not the first global project for Kiwanis.  The organization recently completed its campaign to rid the world of iodine deficiency disorders, the world’s leading preventable cause of mental retardation, raising more than $100 million for the program in 103 nations.
The Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers have not only raised funds for such projects, but also have a history of building structures for children in the community, including several at Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Black Hawk County parks, the Cedar Valley Soccer Complex, and Habitat for Humanity homes. 
             Individuals interested in contributing toward the Eliminate Project may contact the Rough Riser’s president, Gery Deaver (through the links in the right-hand column on this website.)  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quakerdale Makes a Difference

Lalaina Rabary of Quakerdale spoke with the group today. Quakerdale is a Christian, non-profit organization providing hope, faith and growth to Iowa's youth, families and communities through support services.

Lalaina told us about the 10-12 bed Emergency Youth Shelter that will be opening on January 1, 2014 at their campus located in downtown Waterloo to serve Black Hawk County and surrounding areas.

We look forward to the future work that Lalaina and Quakerdale will be achieving and how we can help them reach their goals. Our club helped their program by donating $500 for 2013.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

ColorDash5k Map

Get ready, the Kiwanis ColorDash5k is coming up soon. Sunday, September 8, 2013, at 2 o'clock the fun run/walk begins. Registration packets will be available starting at 12 noon the day of the race. Also, you can pick up packets at the Runner's Flat in downtown Cedar Falls on Saturday, the day before the race.

Go to to register.
  • Families (up to 6 members) can register for $80 per family
  • Individuals or members of a team are $40 per person.
Proceeds go to support the Kiwanis Eliminate project which will eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus across the globe. Come, have fun, brighten your day, and help support a worthy cause.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cedar Falls Kiwanis Club Makes a Difference Over the Past 67 Years

The Cedar Falls Kiwanis Club has made a difference in the Cedar Valley for nearly 7 decades.  (It preceded our Kiwanis Rough Risers club.)

Beginning in post-WWII years (1947), the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Club served the community under the motto of "Serving Youth and Community." 

Their service ranged from selling peanuts, apples and waffles to buying equipment for Boy Scout organizations, books and supplies for schools and planting trees in Cedar Falls parks.

Unfortunately, this club had to close its doors in December of 2012.  Norm Lemmon wanted to document the good that his club did for the Cedar Valley so he created the historical list of Fund Raising Events and Projects that they accomplished.

Peruse this 7-page timeline and revel in admiration for a service club that made a difference in Iowa.  It spans their complete history from 1951 - 2012.

Did you know about all of these activities?  Give the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Club a salutation in the comments below.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Building Soccer Shelters - Week of 7/14

We will keep the building communications from Marv Heller in this post throughout the week of 7/14 and beyond.  Please consult this posting if you need information about what will be happening throughout the week.  This is in addition to the emails that you will receive from Sue Loy.

As of July 14:  A crew is needed on Monday, 7/15, from 8 am to noon for layout and other miscellaneous tasks. No work on Tuesday. We will be waiting for holes to be dug.

As of July 16: Scott promised the holes would be dug today.  After inspection tomorrow morning, a crew is needed to set the poles. Every day for the rest of the week, including Saturday, we will work during the coolest part of the day--start time is 7 am.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Join Us for the Kiwanis Color Dash 5K on Sept 8 in Cedar Falls, IA

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mark the date! Sunday, September 8, 2013, Cedar Valley Kiwanis clubs will host the Color Dash 5K at Gateway Park in Cedar Falls.

As you run/walk/dash/crawl or roll for 5K, you will be blasted with colored powder (food starch) to turn you into a rolling rainbow. It's WONDERFUL!!!

You will receive a Color Dash t-shirt, a Color Dash swag-bag, a Color Dash color pouch for the end finale, and entrance to the dancing event after the run. 
Learn more about the event.  
$40  Individual
$35  Team Member (at least 4 - 100 members per team)
$80  for Full Family (2 - 6 members)

REGISTER ONLINE for the World's Brightest 5K Run.

Proceeds from this event go to the Kiwanis Eliminate project the goal of which is to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Read more about the Eliminate project here.

After you have signed-up online, event packets can be picked up on Sunday starting at 12 noon and the run, walk, dash begins at 2 o'clock. (Packets can also be picked up the day before (Saturday) at The Runner's Flat on Main Street in Cedar Falls.)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Set-Up Our Kettlecorn Tent

Would you believe that our kettlecorn tent can be set-up in 30 seconds?  I have never seen it happen with this level of rapidity, but here is a video of how it can be done . . . maybe we need to wear suits when we do this.  =-)

For those of you who learn better through the written word than through video, here are the written instructions.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gimme Shelter (CVYSA)

Kiwanis Speaker Highlight
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bryan Foster, Chairman
Cedar Valley Youth Soccer Association
2013 Building Projects

Bryan Foster of the Cedar Valley Youth Soccer Association visited our club on the 13th. Bryan shared the general plans of the CVYSA for building and general development for the soccer complex. The association is considering a shelter that is considerably larger than the ones the Rough Risers have built in the past. This proposed new shelter would better accommodate some of their larger events. They are also considering other shelters of the size we characteristically build. 

The CVYSA soccer complex has been in the running for state-wide events and is regarded as a premier facility for soccer programs that primarily focus on area recreation programs but also serves schools, universities, and regional events. The facility also hosts the Bosnian Cultural Foundation's Krajiski Teferic, a festival that draws attendees from across the United States.

It was an informative presentation. Bryan pointed out that the bike/hike trail borders the soccer complex and that the trail users can find abeyance in the shelters the Rough Risers have built. However, he emphasized that the shelters provide great comfort to the players and parents of the over 1500 area youth soccer players and he thanked us for our service and support.

The blue zones mark possible locations for shelters. The longer line is part of the Cedar Prairie Trail that borders the soccer complex.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rough Risers Enter the Blue Zone

This morning we had Sue Beach, Program Manager for the Cedar Falls Blue Zones Project, speak to us about the Blue Zone and what it can mean to us.

The Blue Zones Project is a collaboration between Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Healthways to help make Iowa #1 in the nation for well-being. This is the main component of the Healthiest State Initiative that encourages all Iowa communities to become Blue Zone Communities over the next 5 years. 

Four communities: Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Mason City and Spencer have already been selected as demonstration sites for the Blue Zones Project.  There are another dozen larger Iowa communities and 9 smaller communities that have applied to get involved in the Blue Zones project. 

It is an interesting project.  Based upon research into what it takes to live a long and healthy life, they identified 9 elements that they refer to as the Power 9.

These are 9 elements that we can follow to make our lives longer and richer. Vist the Power 9 Principles   They are much more than exercising and eating right. They address lessening the frenetic pace of your life style and knowing your purpose in life. 

The members of our Rough Risers club have expressed an interest in becoming a Blue Zones organization.  Sue Beach said that there are guidelines for becoming such an organization and she will forward them to us.

One of the things that our website will do is publish a healthy recipe at the beginning of each month. We are already working with the Dietician at our Cedar Falls HyVee, Dean Schillinger.  Dean will provide us with some recipes and healthy recommendations.

This presentation is a nice follow-up for the Blue Zones presentation that Jeb Smith gave us on January 30. You will remember that he introduced us to the Outdoor Fitness Rack that they have developed as part of the Blue Zone movement.  Our club might be interested in supporting these projects.

Will you become a Blue Zones member?  How important is it for us to support the Blue Zones movement for us and our community?