Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another Productive Year of Service

Every year our club serves the Cedar Valley in many ways. Our service is heart-warming in both the varied ways we help the community and the amount of service hours we give.

This year we provided 951 hours of service. Our C.F. Rough Risers put together another wonderful and productive year.  Two noteworthy construction activities were the completion of the final shelter at the C.F. Youth Soccer Complex and painting both restrooms at Big Woods Lake.  An Ongoing activity is the demolition project at Hartman Reserve.

In addition to our eight standard fundraising (popcorn) events, RAGBRAI 43 passed through Cedar Falls and we helped them by guiding cyclists to the proper areas.  

Here is the list of events and hours worked per event.

Event                                 Hours Worked
Gift of Giving                             41
Christmas Family                        6
Lincoln Elementary                    32
Food Bank                                 24
Hansen, Orchard Hill Elm.         28
Cedar Heights Elementary        30
Soccer Complex Shelter          191
Ragbrai                                      33
Circle K                                      24
4th Street Cruise                        38
College Hill Arts Festival            40
Sturgis Falls                             228
Cattle Congress Fair                236
July 4th                                       41
                               Total          951

It's been a wonderful year and we look forward to another exciting year filled with service and opportunity in 2016-2017

Leigh Zeitz

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cattle Congress Popping was a Success!!

Look at this crew of able-bodies Kiwanians. Ready to Pop and Ready to Sell.

This last weekend was our last Kettlecorn Popping for the season. It was at the 106th Cattle Congress Fair in Waterloo this past weekend, Sept 15th - 18th. 

Typically, we have experienced "medium" results at this fair, but due to a "mix great weather, a big crowd, super workers and a tremendous product……" we did well. We raised $1,382 to share with our community.

A good time was had by all 30 Kiwanians who shared in the popping session.  It was good to see some of our Satellite Members join us at the event.