Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Took a Trip Around Panic Park Today.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - Our last Wednesday of the month brought us a spooktacular presentation by Mike Hendrickson, Director of the Blackhawk County Conservation Commission.  He told us about their Panic Park haunted house for Halloween 2017. 

They’ve had their haunting license for ghosts since the year of 2000. The Park has been the favorite haunt for many local kids numbering over 4000 annually.  Panic Park is found at the Old Rotarian Reserve. Your adventure begins when you arrive by tractor and wagon after getting through a gauntlet of zombies and ghouls.  Your journey will involve roaming many scary rooms filled with creepy clowns, dolls, mummies, scarecrows, witches and even a fog-filled room.  If you get lost in that room, you will be mist. If you're a hungry “Goblin” and you're looking for a quick bite - they provide a food “Casketeria.”   After you survive Panic Park, they even offer a laser tag obstacle course and an outside maze with lots of dead ends.

The Park is open during the last part of September and end of October for some ghoulish fall nights.  The Conservation Board members, employees, and their kindred spirits work hard doing a world-class job for this haunted house. They fully engage in this project because it is Blackhawk County Conservation Commission's biggest annual fund-raiser 
Price of admission is $15.00 at the creaking door. 
Written by Lynn Barnes and Leigh Zeitz

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mathematics Comes to Life in the Hands of Professor Shaw!

Wednesday, October 19, 2017 - Our Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers Club had a non-traditional speaker this past Wednesday, Professor Douglas Shaw of the Math Department at UNI.   

The attending Kiwanians never thought we would be given a student’s cursory study on the Non-Imaginary Approach to Complex Numbers by an Instructor who loves math so much.
Professor Shaw gave such an enthusiastic and entertaining approach presentation on addition, multiplication, and division.  
We got the enigmatic math question answered:  why do we divide sin by tan? Just cos.  

The professor talked about the utilitarian and the theoretical aspects of mathematical equations of Phasors, and Geometric Representatives and in equations the letter “J” is not the square root of anything.  

Our Kiwanis Club will no longer think of math standing for Mental Abuse To Humans!

Thank you, Dr. Shaw.

Written by Lynn Barnes.

Friday, October 13, 2017

October is a Scary Month

October is an unusual month for our club.   Only 2 eerie programs to entertain us.

October 4 - Club Meeting Canceled

We didn't have a meeting on October 4.  We canceled it because we had our annual October Banquet on Thursday. 

October 11 - Club Business Meeting
Our board's business meeting was so interesting, we decided to move the meeting to October 11 instead of ignoring it.

October 18 A Non-Imaginary Approach to Complex Numbers. 
Doug Shaw, Math Professor at the University of Northern Iowa, will share more mathemagic with us as we explore the amazing world of numbers.

October 20 - Panic Park is ALIVE, ALIVE!!! 
It's Halloween so let's see hear from some of the Ghouls in Panic Park out at the Rotary Reserve. Bringing the ghosts and goblins will be Mike Henderickson, the Executive Director of Black Hawk County Conservation. He will share the tale of Panic Park as well as some other scary stories.