Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 3/30/11

Marv reminded everyone of our work project at the Habitat House on the 9th. We will be working on the roof.

There will be a signup at our next meeting relative to that work day as well as one on the 6th.

If you can help with the evening club Waffle Day on the 16th please contact Mary Schlicher (277-7708). I know it would be appreciated.

A warm welcome to Michael Davidson who was a "guest" of Marion's.

Congratulation to Jim and Martha Paprocki on their 25th anniversary.

WE NEED to find a place to store Kettle Corn supplies. Please give this serious thought.

Thanks to Dennis - Witham Auto is a Kettle Corn sponsor !

Our program was presented by three Presidential Scholars from UNI. Their special project was raising funds for the purchase of books for a 4th grade class room at Edison School. I noted that several Rough Risers added to their fund raising efforts on a personal basis.

If you would like to participate please go to UBS and ask about the "Opportunity to Achieve" project.

Next week will be our business meeting as well as elections. Remember we will be electing two board members and a President-Elect.

Our greeter is Dennis Bergeson.

Have your best week ever !


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 3/23/11

Numbers were down - but everything else was great.

We had an interesting program presented by Wendy Knapp from Goodwill.

Goodwill is short on product so if you are doing some Spring cleaning or even if you are not they would be grateful for any and all donations.

Marv requested that those of us who can reserve April 6 for some work on our Habitat project. This work would be done prior to our roofing work on the 9th.

If you have not given Steve your shirt size please get in touch with him.

Elections are coming up April 6 - two board members and a President-Elect.

The CF Evening Club needs help for their Waffle Day fundraiser. If you have some time on the 16th please contact Mary Schlicher (277-7708).

A reminder the 4-H breakfast is this Saturday at the UAW Hall. This is an excellent breakfast and for a very worthy cause (I am a former 4-H member so I can attest to their work).

Our program next Wednesday will feature Brittney Betzer from Team TLC. Our greeter is Lynn Barnes.

Have your best week!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 3/16/11

Things are really picking up!

April 9 we will be roofing the Habitat house. There will be work to do a day or so prior to that date and probably after.

May 14 we will installing siding. This will also require some work prior to and after. Please reserve these dates.

The CF evening club needs help for their Waffle Day project on April 16. If you can help please contact Mary Schlicher.

On April 2 we will be electing two Board members and hopefully a President-Elect (we need a volunteer). If you do not want to serve on the Board please contact Susan Loy.

Larry announced the 4-H breakfast will be March 26 at the UAW Hall - tickets are only $ 6.00. Please try to support if you can.

Speaking of Larry we wish him a happy birthday (18th).

As mentioned before the directories are available and can be picked up at a meeting.

Leigh recommended the Rough Risers consider a donation to the KI International Japanese Relief Fund. The board will consider at our meeting on April 5.

Christine Carpenter, Chair of the Healthy CV Coalition, gave a presentation on the work their group is involved with. A project she would like our participation in is to provide funds for stickers for children attending the weekly Farmers Market in Waterloo. The HCVC is coordinating programs for children at the Market site.

This will also be a board agenda item.

Our program next week will feature Wendy Knapp from Goodwill. Our greeter will need some help in being enthusiastic - Leigh Zeitz.

Have your best week ever!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 3/9/11

We certainly had a room full today!

There were 25/26 attending from the Rough Risers, 4 from Circle "K" and 3 from the Waterloo Easy Risers Club.

A welcome back to Ned and Leigh.

The buffet was exceptionally good - this feature has been a real plus to our meetings.

The Easy Risers had tickets available for their pancake breakfast on the 26th. Their event is from 6:30 to 11:00 at the Central Christian Church -3475 Kimball. I would assume most Rough Risers will be there at 6:30 since we are used to that hour.

They are also very interested in working with us on the Air Show Kettle Corn project.

Happy anniversary to the Schillings on their anniversary (9th).

Steve indicated the b-calm units had been delivered. We will be getting a report back sometime in late May or early June.

Jerry reported we were at the $ 15,000 mark in sponsorships. Work is continuing on a proposal for the Air Show.

Phil passed out the 2011 directory. It looks great! Thanks to Cindy, Phil and the PR Committee on an excellent job.

Marv has been working with Habitat on updating a home. Please mark your calendar for April 7, 8 and 9 for the roofing portion and May 13 and 14 for the siding portion.

Steve presented samples of shirts with the objective of taking orders as well as picking the color. The color chosen by a large majority was blue. If you have not already done so please email Steve with your shirt size, as we need to get the order in so as to lock in a very good price. Steve's email is

Our program was presented by Kathy Berns/DHS Transition Planning Specialist and Janessa Lee a UNI Student who was in the foster program.

Our board will consider preparing finals week care packages for the UNI students who were in foster care. This may be a project we can do jointly with Circle "K".

We have an exciting line up of programs for the rest of March: 16th Christine Carpenter with the Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition 23rd, Wendy Knapp with Goodwill 30th Brittney Betzer with Team TLC (Brittney is a UNI Presidential Scholar)

Our greeter next week is Jeff Wollum.

One of the real assets of the Rough Risers is that so many pitch in so the work is evenly distributed. This strength will be much needed as we move into April and beyond.

Have your best week ever!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 3/2/11

Finally we had time for committee meetings. It appeared there were a lot of plans being discussed involving the future of the club.

Looking forward to reports on progress made at our meeting next week.

A happy birthday to Dean.

We had a lot of workers for the Lincoln School popping. A thank you to Jeff for allowing us to use his garage even though he would not allow us to cut a vent in his ceiling.

Jane is putting together plans for an inter-club in Waverly. This will be sometime in April.

Tim's committee is working on a project for Kiwanis One Day. It most likely will not be on April 2 but it is a very worthwhile project. More on this next week.

Circle "K" is involved with several projects and though small is very active. We appreciate the work Greg and Alan Carnetzki are doing with Circle "K".

Steve reported that the Cedar Falls Schools will gladly utilize the b- calm units we purchased.

Steve also presented some choices for Rough Riser's shirts we can purchase from Kohl's.

We had an excellent turn out with once again a great buffet.

Next weeks program will feature Kathy Barrons who will be discussing college age foster children and how we can help.

Our greeter is no stranger to the role of greeting - Stan Whelchel.

Have your best week ever!