Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Red Cross Rod Shares his Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is a special time for all of us.  The Rough Risers' on Thanksgiving week usually enjoy the message of someone who shares something for which they are thankful.

This year, Rod Hamer, shared his adventures in working with the Red Cross.  As a logistics specialist, Rod oversees the mobilization of resources to support the victims of disasters across the country.

Rod shared a video presentation showing scenes from the Louisana Flood and even the flooding threat in Cedar Falls.  He also shared some "behind the scenes" visuals of where they slept and how the volunteers live when they are on-site.

We are thankful for you, Rod.  Thank you for what you do.

You are making a difference in the world!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Barney's on the Radio - 93.5 The Mix

He's at it again. Barney's on the radio sharing our preparations for the Gift of Giving event in December.  While being interviewed on 93.5 The Mix, he did a wonderful explaining the Gift of Giving and listing the various participants and sponsors.

As the radio host continued the interview, Barney described some of the many projects and events that we do throughout the year.

My favorite part was when questioned about "What is the ingredient that makes your kettle corn taste so good."  Barney replied with "Love."

This was a job well done, Barney.  Thanks for your ongoing support.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

November is Filled with Exciting Programs

Wednesday, November 2 - Business MeetingWhere active club members discuss their accomplishments and plans for running and developing the Rough Risers.   

Wednesday, November 9 - This is ROTC
Lieutenant Colonel Glen Keith will share what the UNI ROTC program involves and how cadets can benefit from engaging in this program.

Wednesday, November 16 - The New Schindler Education Center
Rick Knivsland, UNI Instructor and SEC renovation coordinator, will shares the many improvements that we will experience when we reenter the building in January.

Wednesday, November 23 - Red Cross Thankfulness
Rod Hamer will share his thankfulness for working with Red Cross to assist those in need across the country.  He will include slides of the Louisana Floods.

Wednesday, November 30 - Gallagher Bluedorn PAC Focus Group
Steven Carignan, Executive Director of the GBPAC, will provide the opportunity for our club to provide feedback about the shows GBPAC will be selecting for the upcoming season.