Friday, June 3, 2011

My Waterloo Days Changing Venue

My Waterloo Days are an important part of our popping schedule.  This article talks about how they are experimenting with a new location. 

Look at the last word in the article to see how engrained Kiwanis has become in this event.

Click on the article to enlarge it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 6/1/11

We had another excellent turnout - I counted 27 plus 1 guest.

A welcome to Doug Nefzer a guest and prospective member.  Doug was a guest of Dean Dryer. Doug is married with 2 children and is the Business Director for CF  Schools.

Congratulations to the Jerry and Jane Slykhuis and to Ned and Ruth  Ratekin on their anniversary's.

Happy Birthday to Roger and Michael.

Gil reported the 4th Street Cruise popping contributed $ 1,300 to the Savings Account.

He also reported 19 Rough Risers were there working.

We need participation from ALL to meet our manpower needs for Waterloo  
Days.  We will pop our Kettlecorn in Waterloo Expo Park on 
  • Thursday 10 - midnight
  • Friday      10 - midnight
  • Saturday  10 - midnight
  • Sunday    10 - 5:00
If you have some time please give Steve a call.

The Board, at yesterdays meeting, agreed to contribute $ 100 to the Back to 
the School project and $ 200 to The Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition.  These 
donations had not been previously budgeted.

Jane requested that when you schedule a speaker you give her the mailing 
address so she can send a Thank You card.

Sue discussed the Kiwanis International Eliminate project that will be  
kicked off next month.  The objective of this project is to eliminate 
maternal  and neonatal tetanus. For more on this go to   

We will no doubt be involved with this project in the coming year(s).

Our greeter next week is Marv Heller and our program will focus on the  
Waterloo Market.

By the way, Rod has put together and impressive line-up for June: 
  • CF Lutheran Home on the 15th 
  • The Girl Scouts on the 22nd 
  • Strengthening Families (an Extension Program) on the 29th.
Have Your Best Week Ever - see you at the Rough Risers' kettlecorn tent in Waterloo.