Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gimme Shelter (CVYSA)

Kiwanis Speaker Highlight
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bryan Foster, Chairman
Cedar Valley Youth Soccer Association
2013 Building Projects

Bryan Foster of the Cedar Valley Youth Soccer Association visited our club on the 13th. Bryan shared the general plans of the CVYSA for building and general development for the soccer complex. The association is considering a shelter that is considerably larger than the ones the Rough Risers have built in the past. This proposed new shelter would better accommodate some of their larger events. They are also considering other shelters of the size we characteristically build. 

The CVYSA soccer complex has been in the running for state-wide events and is regarded as a premier facility for soccer programs that primarily focus on area recreation programs but also serves schools, universities, and regional events. The facility also hosts the Bosnian Cultural Foundation's Krajiski Teferic, a festival that draws attendees from across the United States.

It was an informative presentation. Bryan pointed out that the bike/hike trail borders the soccer complex and that the trail users can find abeyance in the shelters the Rough Risers have built. However, he emphasized that the shelters provide great comfort to the players and parents of the over 1500 area youth soccer players and he thanked us for our service and support.

The blue zones mark possible locations for shelters. The longer line is part of the Cedar Prairie Trail that borders the soccer complex.