Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rough Risers Support Grin n Grow Through RAGBRAI

Grin n Grow Child Care in Waterloo, Iowa, is a day care center that has been serving children for decades. Each year, Team Flamingo ( rides RAGBRAI with two intentions in mind. The first intention is to complete the 450+ mile ride safe and sound. The second intention is to raise money for scholarships for children (2 - 6 yrs old) at Grin n Grow.

Typically, Leigh Zeitz asks for support from the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers members individually. They give generously and many children benefit. Today, it was announced that the Board of Directors for the club have decided to support Leigh (Z-Bird) $1 for every mile cycled "butt in the seat" on the route.  The route is 442 miles so this could be a hefty donation to Grin n Grow.

Thank you, Rough Risers!!

If you want to learn more about Team Flamingo or follow our blog to see what is happening, here are some sites you will want to view:

Team Flamingo website - Basic team information, list of the 22 team members taking part, and links to RAGBRAI information.
Team Flamingo Blog - This blog will be updated daily as the ride progresses. It should give you some photos and narrative of what is happening on the ride.

Here's hoping for good weather and wind at our backs . . .

UPDATE:  It should be noted that Leigh Zeitz rode his bike for 400 miles on RAGBRAI so the Rough Risers donated $400 to Grin n Grow.  Thank you.

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