Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notes from the Prez - NE-IA District Conference in Omaha

On August 13th and 14th I had the pleasure of representing the Cedar Falls Rough Risers at the district conference in Omaha.  It is always good to attend these meetings and visit with representatives of other clubs in the NE-IA District, meet some of the “names” that are in the newsletters and trade ideas for ways to make our clubs better.

The educational sessions I attended dealt with growing membership by making the weekly meetings more welcoming and a discussion on changes that are being made in club meeting structures to attract a variety of potential members.  Did you know that a new member forms an opinion about the club in the first 12 minutes after walking in the door?  That thought makes one stop and think of what a visitor to our meetings sees and remembers about us!  Ideas were shared on how to “take the meeting to the members,” whether this is through internet clubs or clubs established at a business where the employees participate.  Lots of food for thought!

I would highly recommend that all members get the next district meeting on the calendar.  Kiwanis has Priority One.  Let’s make Kiwanis a number one priority!  

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