Friday, January 28, 2011

Using Tech Tools to Enhance Your Club's Connections

Leigh Zeitz presents a social technologies session at the Nebrasks-Iowa Kiwanis District is celebrating the 2011 Midyear Conference in Ankeny, IA. 
Here is an overview of the topics discussed as well as links to the slideshow and an article about the topic.
Your club's communication can be enhanced using the today's technology. All of these solutions are free and relatively simple to use:
  • Email - This connection can be as simple as using email to distribute minutes from each meeting. It's simple and efficient.
  • Google Groups - Create a distribution list for your club that all of the members can use.
  • Blog - You can make a professional-looking club website using an online blog-hosting website.
  • Club Calendar - You can use Google Calendar to manage the calendar on your website's calendar. You can add a meeting on your personal calendar on your computer and it will appear on your website.
  • Google Docs - Work collaboratively with your committee members. Four members can all work on the same document because it is posted on the web for all to see and use.
  • Watch Google Docs in Plain English to learn the concept in 3 minutes.
  • Google Forms - Use Google Docs to create online forms that make it easy to add information in an online spreadsheet. 
  • Twitter - Here is a handy way to communicate with your club quickly and easily. It will only work if your members follow each others' tweets, but it can be a way to learn more about your Kiwanis friends.

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