Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 3/16/11

Things are really picking up!

April 9 we will be roofing the Habitat house. There will be work to do a day or so prior to that date and probably after.

May 14 we will installing siding. This will also require some work prior to and after. Please reserve these dates.

The CF evening club needs help for their Waffle Day project on April 16. If you can help please contact Mary Schlicher.

On April 2 we will be electing two Board members and hopefully a President-Elect (we need a volunteer). If you do not want to serve on the Board please contact Susan Loy.

Larry announced the 4-H breakfast will be March 26 at the UAW Hall - tickets are only $ 6.00. Please try to support if you can.

Speaking of Larry we wish him a happy birthday (18th).

As mentioned before the directories are available and can be picked up at a meeting.

Leigh recommended the Rough Risers consider a donation to the KI International Japanese Relief Fund. The board will consider at our meeting on April 5.

Christine Carpenter, Chair of the Healthy CV Coalition, gave a presentation on the work their group is involved with. A project she would like our participation in is to provide funds for stickers for children attending the weekly Farmers Market in Waterloo. The HCVC is coordinating programs for children at the Market site.

This will also be a board agenda item.

Our program next week will feature Wendy Knapp from Goodwill. Our greeter will need some help in being enthusiastic - Leigh Zeitz.

Have your best week ever!


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