Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 3/2/11

Finally we had time for committee meetings. It appeared there were a lot of plans being discussed involving the future of the club.

Looking forward to reports on progress made at our meeting next week.

A happy birthday to Dean.

We had a lot of workers for the Lincoln School popping. A thank you to Jeff for allowing us to use his garage even though he would not allow us to cut a vent in his ceiling.

Jane is putting together plans for an inter-club in Waverly. This will be sometime in April.

Tim's committee is working on a project for Kiwanis One Day. It most likely will not be on April 2 but it is a very worthwhile project. More on this next week.

Circle "K" is involved with several projects and though small is very active. We appreciate the work Greg and Alan Carnetzki are doing with Circle "K".

Steve reported that the Cedar Falls Schools will gladly utilize the b- calm units we purchased.

Steve also presented some choices for Rough Riser's shirts we can purchase from Kohl's.

We had an excellent turn out with once again a great buffet.

Next weeks program will feature Kathy Barrons who will be discussing college age foster children and how we can help.

Our greeter is no stranger to the role of greeting - Stan Whelchel.

Have your best week ever!


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