Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 7/6/11

We had an important meeting with decisions made that will have
a positive impact on the future of our Club.

First of all condolences to the Teig family on the passing of 
Marilyn's Mother.

Congratulations to the Hardings on their anniversary - today.  Steve, the big spender, did buy Jane breakfast.

A thank you to the Loy's for once again hosting a 4th of July  "fireworks watch" party.

Gil presented the financial report.  We are in good shape after some very good work by the Rough Risers at Sturgis and the Waterloo fireworks.

Jane announced there are at least 35 signed up for the get together at Gateway Park on the
12th.  The time is 6:00 - it will be catered - bring lawn chairs and a beverage.

Jane has also set up an interclub with the Waterloo morning club on the 13th.  If you would like to attend please let her know.

A big thanks to Jane for her work in the Club Admin area.

Steve announced the shirts will be $ 20 each.  Most of them have been distributed.

Our next Kettle Corn popping is at the College Arts Festival on July 15 and 16.  Sign up has
started please contact Steve if you can work.  The signup sheet will be at next Wednesday's meeting also.

Steve suggested that members finding it difficult to handle the popping chores at events could make a valuable contribution by putting stickers on bags.  This would smooth out the whole popping operation.

Dave presented a proposal whereby we could meet the requirements set by Kohl's that they can only contribute to a 501c3 organization.  We will set up a fund with the COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, a 501c3, that will allow Kohl's to contribute dollars to the Foundation.   The 
dollars would go into a fund under our name and be distributed per our wishes.  (I am simplifying this).  There are some requirements and fees but the end result is we are eligible for Kohl's contribution and would also make us eligible for other grants.

The Board on Tuesday was unanimous in presenting this proposal to the Rough Risers on Wednesday and the vote by the club was unanimous by a show of hands.

Thanks to Dave for a lot of work in putting this together as well as a lot of work in researching other alternatives.

Reece passed out a Club Excellence Form to be filled out by the members.  It will help give directionto the present and future leadership.

Next week a representative from CFU will discuss the burying of lines currently under way.

The greeter is David Loy.

Have your best week ever !!


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