Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thunder in the Valley brings Gold to Our Coffers.

Faster than a Speeding Bullet . . .
   More powerful than a locomotive . . .
        Able to sells huge boxes of it with a single sale . . .


Yes ladies and gentlemen, at the Waterloo Air Show Kiwanis Rough Risers experienced Thunder in the Valley like never before. Kettlecorn couldn't be popped quickly enough to satisfy the insatiable hunger for these sweetened kernels. Customers sometimes stood in lines 60 people long just to have the opportunity to share the famous Kiwanis Rough Riser kettlecorn with their family members.

At the end of the two days, over 2600 bags of kettle corn were sold for a gross income of $13,180. While four different Kiwanis clubs worked at the booth, our Rough Risers worked 223 hours. Our net income for the air show was $4,773.

We will DEFINITELY sell at the Waterloo Air Show next year . . . only next time we will have two poppers.

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