Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meeting Minutes for November 29

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone !!!

  • Greg, hope you heal quickly from your eye surgery.  Greg had
    surgery for a detached retina.
  • Happy birthday to Gene.
  • We had a sign up for our Christmas family and also for contributions. We should be able to spend $50 - $60 for each of the 7 members of the our family. There will be an opportunity to contribute next week. December 14 will be present wrapping day.
  • There is a possibilty of a Spring project at the Women's Club.  Our project committee will investigate.
Circle K:
  • Circle "K" continues to be active with a good sign up for the Kids Christmas Gift and providing packages for "foster" students at UNI.
  • Our speaker was one of our own - Pastor Bob Ericson who presented us with an inspiring Thanksgiving message. Thank you Bob! 
  • Our speaker next week is JoAnn Van Gruper - the greeter is Reece Conrad.
  • A sign up sheet for members who want to schedule programs for each month was passed around.  There is still opportunity to sign up for a month.
Have your best week ever !

Jim Larson

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