Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exciting September Programs

This will be a wonderful month of presentations.  It will involve Math, Photography and Computers.

Wednesday, September 3 - Business meeting.

Wednesday, September 10 - Extreme Mathematics.
Dr. Doug Shaw, a mathematic professor from UNI, will be stretching your ideas about numbers and mathematics what you can do with them.  Bring your thinking caps to the meeting.

Wednesday, September 17 - FORTEPAN Iowa: a "Public Park" for Iowa Amateur Photography.  
Dr. Bettina Fabos, professor of communications at UNI, has an exciting project underway. Modeled after a project in Hungary, she is assembling a website where we can collect our photos from childhood to share your Iowa history.  BRING YOUR SCRAPBOOKS.

Wednesday, September 25 - Using Chromebooks in our Schools
Our own club geek, Dr. Leigh Zeitz, will be demonstrating how Chromebooks are being used in our schools.  It's not really about the computers but about new learning opportunities that are available in today's schools. Should be fun. 

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