Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Need YOUR HELP in Organizing Programs for 2015-2016

Yes Indeed Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a bustling club with a throng of busy members who attend informative and entertaining programs each Wednesday . . . but we need MORE INVOLVEMENT!  We need more Rough Risers to take the lead in finding and reserving programs.  

Here are the steps in signing up to be a Program Coordinators for a month.
  1. Click on this link to get to the Program Coordinator Sign-Up Sheet.
  2. Pick a month that is special to you.  (Maybe your birthday month.)
  3. Sign-up for the month on our Online Sign-up Sheet (or on paper in a meeting.)
  4. Look at a calendar to find the dates of the Wednesdays you will be scheduling.
    1. Remember that the first week of the month is our business meeting so no program is needed. 
  5. Find 3-4 speakers for your month.  Here are some suggestions for sources
    1. You (Share something that you do or pursue - you are some interesting people)
    2. Your family and friends (You are connected to some other interesting people)
    3. City Leaders
    4. Business Leaders
    5. Creative Leaders
    6. Community Programs that we sponsor
    7. Coaches
    8. UNI Speakers Bureau
REMEMBER, your speaker doesn't have to be local.  Leigh will help you "beam in" someone special from a distance through our computer system.

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