Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October is an AWESOME Month for Programs

Wednesday, October 7 Business Meeting    
Wednesday, October 14 - QR Codes: What are They and How Can I Use Them?
Leigh Zeitz, associate professor of Instructional Technology at UNI, will share QR Codes and what can be done with them. This will be an experience where you will pull our your smartphone and open a new world.

October 21 - The World of Biking: Present and Future
Brent Johnson, owner and leader of Bike Tech, will join us to share the world of biking.  He will describe the basics of biking in the present day and then take us on a tour of his insight into the future of biking.  It should be an exciting tour.

October 28 - The Hidden Story of Confederate Iowa
Sherman Lundy will be sharing  “the rest of the story” as Sherman tells tales of confederate raids on Iowa as well as stories about Iowans who fought in the confederate army during the United States Civil War.

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