Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Interview with Barney

Our radio spokesperson is Lynn Barnes.  He used to "be in radio" and has a wonderful voice for interviewing.

Barney had another interview on December 16 on our local radio station, The Mix 93.5. Unfortunately, the radio station folks didn't record the interview so we don't have anything to share with you at this time.

In an effort to fill this vacuum, I fired up my iPhone and interviewed Barney about his interview.

You can listen to this 2-minute interview by clicking on this link.  

Beyond providing you with a captivating interview, this is our first venture into Kiwanis podcasting. Podcasting is a process where we will use an app on our phones to interview members, presenters and anyone else of interest.  Once we have the recording, we will take a photo and post both of them on our website.

This is the beginning of what can be a new way to share what Rough Risers do when no one is looking.

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