Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stan Remembers Heros and Doug Shares the Future

May 24, 2017 - At our Kiwanis meeting last Wednesday Stan Welchel read a poem to remind us of the supreme sacrifice that many ordinary soldiers have given in the lonely battlefields fought for our freedoms we take for granted every day.   There wasn’t a dry eye in attendance.  Thank you Stan for making us remember that freedom has a terribly high cost and for your honorable service for our country.  You make us all feel proud to be an American!

Our esteemed member, Doug Nefzger, is the Cedar Falls Schools Business Manager. He gave us updates of all the construction projects currently happening for educating our children and youth for making a higher caliber citizen for tomorrow and the future job market.  He shared the plans for building the new elementary school that is being built on Erik Road. It will be named the Bess Streeter Aldrich Elementary school in honor of this prolific and talented author who was born in Cedar Falls in 1881.  He also share the plans for the upgrades at Orchard Hill and North Cedar Elementary schools.  

We are at a crossroads. Thirty years from now, the Cedar Falls citizens will look back on these decisions to do these projects and rejoice.  The benefits won’t be felt until further down the road.  Doug shared that this is a huge initial construction payout, but the dividends far exceed  basic costs.  Thank you Doug for your expertise and tireless efforts to make these building projects come to fruition.  Written by Lynn Barnes

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