Tuesday, March 13, 2018

When Will YOU Greet for Kiwanis Rough Risers?

Yes.   It is always wonderful to see your friends greeting you at the door when you arrive for our Kiwanis meeting at 6:25 on Wednesday.  

Ever wonder how these wonderful people get selected for this honor?  Well, believe it or not, there is a secret list where each of our members have been aligned with a magical date. This roster will direct who receives this wonderful opportunity and when.

You can always read Jim Larson's wonderful notes that he distributes each week.  He will inform you of all the wonderful news that was shared and events occurred at each meeting. Most importantly of all, he will end his message with a reminder of who will be greeting next. 

But what if you have other commitments and want to ensure that you don't miss your opportunity to GREET?  You need a schedule for your planning.    HERE IT IS!!!

     7      Tom Reisetter
   14      Greg Stefanich
   21      Nick Teig
   28      Gene Traetow

   11       Leigh Zeitz
   18       Lynn Barnes
   25       Dennis Bergeson

     2      Emily Borcherding
     9       Dan Conklin
   16       Reece Conrad
   23       Alan Czarnezki
   30       Gery Deaver

     6       Dean Dreyer
   13       Terry Duncan
   20       Stan Engel
   27       Bob Erickson

More to come in June, 2018

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