Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 11/3/10

We had an excellent turnout - close to 30 in attendance.

A welcome back to Cindy .  All of us are glad to hear Roger is  gaining in strength and feeling better each day.

A Happy Birthday to Gery - November 8.

We had a sign up for the Waterloo Jaycees "Gift of Giving".  This event will be held on December 4.  There will be an opportunity for sign up next week also.

A check for $ 1,500 was given to Greg to present to the "Circle K"  club.  The Kettle Corn popping was held last Saturday at Wal Mart.  It was the best effort we have ever had at Wal Mart.  There were a good number of Circle K  members working and they worked hard.

Lynn announced 20 couples had signed up for the spouses night out to  be held on the 12th of December.  Please give your check in the amount of $  56 to Gil.

Dean stated that $ 2,000 had already come in for Kettle Corn sponsorships. We are off to a strong start.

Tim indicated Hartman Reserve has a project they need our labor and expertise.  It involves building a platform over a small pond.  This will be scheduled for next Spring.

Dave presented the year end financials.  The club is financially solid.

It was suggested and agreed that our opening prayer would be non-denominational. Jane has a prayer book that could be used if so desired.

Committee meetings were held after the business meeting.

Our speaker next week (17th) will be Phil Hufferd.  Phil will be  discussing a possible "giving" project, "Self Help - Child Nutrition".

The greeter is appropriately enough, Phil Hufferd,

Have your best week ever - since the elections are over it has to be  a good


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