Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kiwanis Rough Risers Ship Supplies to Soldiers in Afganistan

Our troops in Afghanistan need supplies to make their stay a little nicer and the Rough Risers are here to help them.

The Kiwanis Rough Risers have collected over $250 to send a collection of supplies to 1st LT Matthew Slykhuis. Matthew is the son of club member, Jerry Slykhuis. He has been stationed in Afghanistan since the middle of July. Matthew is serving as a medivac helicopter pilot in the army. Matthew is a graduate of the ROTC program at ISU and a graduate of flight school at Fort Rucker Alabama.

The collection of goodies sent included toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, foot powder, gum, and several different kinds of food. We purchased these supplies at our local Fareway Food Store who gave us a healthy discount so that we could get more supplies for the money we collected.

Thanks to the members of our Rough Risers and Fareway Food Store we were able to send over $300 worth things to Matthew so he can share them with the other soldiers in Afghanistan.

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