Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 11/10/10

We had a great turnout, a great program, a guest and conducted quite a bit of business.

Dennis introduced his guest, Richard Ryan.  He is a potential member for our Club.

The "pig" got a little fatter as we had several special events:
  • Congratulations to the Nelson's on their anniversary - November 16.
  • Happy birthday to: Cindy (10th), Ned (12th), Marion (14th) and Rod the 15th.
Dean and Jerry announced that 5 boxes of supplies will be shipped to Afghanistan on Wednesday. Thanks to for their work and to the Rough Risers for stepping forward with their generous contributions.

There has been two Kettle Corn sponsorships submitted this past week - 
Liberty Bank and VGM.  We are off to a strong start keep it going !

Seven members will be helping with the Gift of Giving event on 
December 4.  In addition 10 Circle K members have signed up.

A big thank you to Neal, Dave and Jeff for cleaning the Kettle Corn popper and equipment. We will probably store everything at Cattle Congress.

Dave made available to the club the Kettle Corn financials as well as the year end financials. Thanks Dave - I know it took a lot of time to put that all together.

Jane Harding introduced Krenere Laxhaj, their foreign exchange student from Kosovo.  Krenere gave us an excellent presentation on the culture of her country including some great pictures. She has also helped at several poppings this Fall.

Next weeks meeting will feature Rod and Phil discussing a "Self Help Child Nutrition" program.

Our greeter is Tim Jones.

Have your best week ever !


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