Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Remember the Historical Rough Risers Video from our 30th Anniversary in 2011?

It has been a long and fruitful life for the Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Risers. In 2011 we celebrated our 30th birthday with a big party at Hartman Reserve Park and creating a wonderful 15-minute video.

Sometimes it is fun to review our past events and this video provides an opportunity for members to tell stories about where we have been and where we will be going. This video includes photos, stories and interviews with past and present members.

What do you think?  Write your reactions and add some of your stories in the comments below.


  1. This is great! I was a member at that time but don't recall seeing this video. Who was the narrator, and who created the video?

  2. I am surprised that he didn't put his name in credits, but the cinematographer and producer was someone who had done media for one of the churches.