Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Steve Wikert Shares his Vietnam War Adventures

Wednesday, January 31 - This week, retired Waterloo Schools art teacher, Steve Wikert, talked about his US Navy Tour of Duty Service during the Vietnam War. He was stationed at the Naval Support Facility in Danag, Vietnam.  

Steve talked about his jeep support patrols he performed to keep the peace in his jurisdiction during his rigorous watch shift.  The climate was hostile both in the brutal weather patterns and the local populace. Steve and his comrades at arms didn’t know who was friend or foe since the enemy used different rules of engagement as than the US soldiers and sailors. It was called guerrilla warfare.  

Rocket attacks were commonplace and death could and would happen swiftly without mercy. The local citizens would commence rioting at a moment’s notice.  He lived in a Compound called Camp Tien Sha. It was constantly subject to mass thievery by the locals.  

Steve said that what he learned the most through his wartime experience was to rely on his fellow Navy buddies. He has kept in touch with many of them and he now has a lifetime of camaraderie and he will never forget his fellow countrymen.

Written by Lynn Barnes and Leigh Zeitz

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