Sunday, August 12, 2018

August Brings Thoughtful and Adventurous Programs

Wednesday, August 1 - Business Meeting Where active club members discuss their accomplishments and plans for running and developing the Rough Risers. 
Wednesday, August 8 Global Collaboration Projects that Connect Your Kids to the World
Dr. Leigh Zeitz, Instructional Technology professor at the University of Northern Iowa, will share his 30-year adventure of connecting students to the world through Global Collaboration.  He will begin with his adventures in East Los Angeles and recall his connections with Malaysia, China, South Africa and Japan.  Stories will be heard of Iowa students changed their lives by collaborating with students in other countries.  Dr. Z will finish by touring through the Write Our World program which enables students to write multilingual e-books about their lives and make them available to the world.

 Wednesday, August 15 - Cedar Valley's Promise is Making a Difference!
Carole Gustafson, Director of Cedar Valley's Promise, will share the accomplishments of the CVP.  This program is a grassroots movement to improve the lives of our children through community-wide involvement. It connects parents, neighbors, businesses, governments and youth-serving organizations to provide all children with the support, assets, and resources necessary to achieve their fullest potential. It is dedicated to the health and safety of our children as well as developing their leadership skills for the future. 

Wednesday, August 22 - Connecting Kiwanis Across the Nation
Rushton Hurley, Member of the West San Jose Kiwanis Club, will Zoom with us from his home in San Jose.  Although it will be 4:30 AM in his house, Rushton is excited to tell us what they are doing out on the west coast.  He will also share an innovative meeting strategy that he created with his Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley (yes, he belongs to both) where the club exists online.  They don't actually meet in a synchronous manner.  The presentations are recorded and posted.  The members connect with each other online through their website. Rushton is an imaginative man and it will be exciting to spend some time with him to hear what he has accomplished as well as share our successes.

Wednesday, August 29 - Fishing Like There's No Tomorrow - Let's Get those Bass!!
Dragos Kruse, Fishing Specialist at the Cedar Falls Scheels, will hook you with his stories of angling adventures.  Dragos shell lure you into his watery world with his tails of finny happenings. On a scale of 1 - 10, this will be an 11. Make sure you don't flounder or leave it to salmon else. If you can't make it, let minnow

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