Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Rough Risers have a BUSY summer ahead

 It has been a tough year since last March, but our Kiwanis Rough Risers have remained active.  

This coming summer, we will be super careful but we are trying to develop strategies for sharing our kettlecorn while staying safe for the public and our club members.  

Planned Service Projects:

  • We will finish the YMCA shelter we built - cement is scheduled to pour in April.
  • We plan to help the Y by refurbishing the outside of one of their storage sheds.

School Poppings - we will pop kettlecorn in someone's yard and then give 100 bags to each school to use in their socially-distanced gatherings or how else they can use them to raise funds.  We will be FULLY MASKED while we pop.
  • May 7 - Popping for 2 schools
  • May 22 - Annual Popper Cleaning

Event Popping - Public events will be different this year.  Some of them have decided to go ahead with their events while others have yet to make a decision or will wait until next year.  We will be FULLY MASKED and careful at these events.
  • May 29 - 4th Street Cruise
  • June 5 - WalMart Popping
  • June 25 - 27 - Sturgis Falls
Store Popping - We are quite successful in popping in front of Walmart and other stores.  We will be FULLY MASKED and careful at these poppings.
  • June 5 - Walmart
  • TBD - FareWay on Greenhill
We hope to see you soon!!!!

Stay safe and stay masked!

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