Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Rough Risers Raise Over $300 by Bussing Tables at Pizza Ranch

What do you do when you want to interact with the public, eat good food AND raise money for the Cedar Valley youth?

Bus Tables at the Cedar Falls Pizza Ranch, of course!

Monday night, June 12, a dozen Kiwanis Rough Risers visited the Pizza Ranch.  This fund-raising project, organized by Randy Lee, involved us picking up used plate ware from the pizza-eating guests and swabbing the tables when they leave.  

Pizza Ranch provides a deal where we can collect 7% of the sales for the night, ALL of the tips that the customers may leave for our working club, and 25% off on a Pizza Ranch meal for the workers. It was a great deal!

Beyond just cleaning tables, this event provided us with an opportunity to talk with the public.  We share who we are as a Kiwanis club and what we are doing for the Cedar Valley youth. We are hoping that this will "spread the word" and hopefully lead to attracting some new members.

$115 as 7% of the net sales for the night and $205 in tips from the grateful customers.

Here are some photos of our experience: 

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