Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meeting Minutes from Prez Jim - 12/1/10

We had a full agenda for our business meeting. This is supposed to be our "downtime"?????

First of all a Happy Birthday to Jerry - that's today !

Gil presented the monthly treasurer's report - we are solvent.

Greg reported that Circle "K" has a Christmas family they are providing gifts for and 10 of them will be at the JC "Gift of Giving" this Saturday.

Work completed includes International approval our by-laws (thanks Steve) and our annual audit was completed (thanks to Dave and Nick). Also, a big thanks to Gil for his quality work in keeping our records accurate and timely..

Jerry reported the packages sent to his son in Afghanistan had arrived and beendistributed. A big thanks to the Rough Risers from this heroic group.
Jerry also announced we have received $ 1,000 form new sponsors. Our total commitments so far exceed $ 10,000. Just a great job by everyone !

Remember Spouse's Night Out is the 12th. If you have not received your tickets please see Gil.

Cindy indicated that work is progressing on the 2010/2011 Directory. The PR Committee is hoping to distribute sometime in late January.

The Board, at their November 30 meeting, elected to donate $ 750 to the Mama Lumka project and $750 to Self Help. Those funds will be distributed in mid 2011.

Leigh gave us a look see at our own Web Site (blog). Just an outstanding job by Leigh !

Please take a few minutes on a regular basis to review.

Our program schedule for December includes:
December 8 Student Council for Exceptional Children (this may be a project we will want to support).
December 14 Wrap presents for our Christmas Family
December 22 A Christmas speaker
December 29 "Round Table"
Our greeter on the 8th is Susan Loy.

Have your best week ever !


NOTE: On the 8th and 14th we will be passing an envelope for Mary as a big thank you for the service she provides.

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