Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Castle Hill Playground has been Conquered.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - After 133 hours of work and 60 gallons of stain, we are happy to report that the Castle Hill Playground project has been completed.  It looks GREAT!!!!  Special thanks for all who participated - especially to Marv Heller who coordinated the project and did a great deal of work behind the scenes.

Marv Heller, Tony Reid, Nick Teig & Stan Engel
Beginning on April 22, this interclub project involved stain, brushes, rollers, bottles of water and a whole lot of "sweat equity."  The Waterloo Community School District provided the tangible materials while the Cedar Valley Kiwanis Clubs provided the "energy."

This project was headed by Marv Heller but its completion included 22 Rough Risers, 3 Early Risers, and 3 members from the Waterloo Noon club. The Rough Risers worked 111 hours and the other two clubs contributed another 22 hours.

The funny thing was that neighborhood kids continually came over to play on the playground so you know that it is a valued asset. Marv said that "One of the neighbor ladies stop to talk to us...she helped build it.  She was very happy to see it get some maintenance attention."

This project met a number of Kiwanis goals. It benefitted the youth and community.  It united multiple clubs in a common event.  It was a Positive Influence. It made the world a better place.

Well Done, Kiwanians!!!!

Written by Leigh Zeitz

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