Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rough Riser Kiwanians Scan the Walls for QR

October 20, 2015 - What do you do when your walls are covered with secret codes like this?  You do what any other 21st century person would do . . . you pull out your smart phone (or tablet) and scan this QR code to see what it does.

(Scan this one and you will have a big surprise.)

Last Wednesday, we had Leigh Zeitz, associate professor of Instructional Technology at UNI, introduce us to QR codes.  The codes are codes that we can create and scan with our smart phones.

Zeitz instructed us in downloading the scanning app - I-Nigma onto our phones (or the iPads he brought.)  Once we downloaded the apps, we started to scan the black code boxes that were taped on the walls and placed on our tables.

It was fun.  These codes connected us with a lot of cool things including videos, websites, songs, text messages, photos - there was one that even sent a tweet on Twitter.  It was a fun opportunity.

What to see what Rough Risers look when they are let loose to have fun with technology?  

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