Monday, June 12, 2017

June Programs are Really in the Swing!

June programs will swing with fun. 

June 14: Kassidi Poots from Cedar Valley Hospice will share their Eucalyptus Tree Children's Grief program. 

June 21: John Bermell, PGA professional at Pheasant Ridge golf course, will present a program on golf. Pheasant Ridge golf changes, UNI men's and women's golf, the Slykhuis Memorial Golf outing, and whatever else he wants to tell us about golf in the Cedar Valley. 

June 28: Alan Czarnetzki, UNI professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences (and president of Rough Risers) will present a program on weather forecasting. Will he tell us how to whether the weather unless we want the rain to reign, the wind to whine, and the hail to hail?   Snow telling . . .

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